Melissa brings Sebastian Errazuriz's sculptured shoes to life

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Melissa brings Sebastian Errazuriz's sculptured shoes to life
Broken hearts fuel plastic shoes in the latest collaboration between plastic footwear company Melissa and artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz.

Wearable art is more than ubiquitous nowadays with designers, artists and illustrators collaborating to produce functional designs worthy of worn on the human body while retaining its artistry. 

As such is the collaboration between Brazillian footwear company Melissa and contemporary artist-cum-shoe designer Sebastian Errazuriz. Inspired by Chilean-born Errazuriz's 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers installation in 2013—a collection of 12, beautifully 3D-printed shoe sculptures based on tales of his former paramours (with a dash of wit, humor and careful fabrication, of course), Melissa has produced a limited edition collection features two plastic versions of the 12 sculptures—The Boss and Gold Digger.

The Boss features brass knuckles on the undersole of the heel, whereas the Gold Digger resembles a golden human form "holding" up the heel, resembling the way the Greek Titan, Atlas held up the sky. These two will debut at Melissa's 'Galerias' around the world from New York, Sao Paulo, to London.

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