What we know about DC’s first Malaysian super spy

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By Buro247

What we know about DC’s first Malaysian super spy

If there’s one thing that can be said about us Malaysians, it’s that we really love our national heroes who do the country proud. The latest personality to join this line-up is a unique one: not only is she a martial arts expert and a spy; she is a Malay-Muslim woman who holds her own, and she happens to be a fictional character in the DC Comics universe.



There’s much to be proud about Munira “Muni” Khairuddin, who goes by the alias Obscura. She first cropped up in Batgirl #32 in June 2014, but following the reveal on her national identity and inspiration, Muni has recently risen to the spotlight yet again, simply for being really, really cool.



Here’s what we know about the Malaysian super spy:


1)   Freelance writer Jaymee Goh, who helped DC Comics writer Gail Simone develop Muni, says that the super spy was inspired by an actual friend of hers with whom she studied in the UK.

2)   In the comic, Muni was the former college roommate and good friend of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) at Gotham University.

3)   At the age of 18, Muni was recruited to join an elite counter-terrorism squad, for which her death was staged. Barbara thus assumed Muni had died.

4)   As Obscura, Muni turns out to be a highly-ranked member with several men under her command.

5)   Muni returns to Gotham City to take down the villain Knightfall. In doing so she kidnaps Barbara to try to recruit her to join the fight against Knightfall.



So, what’s there not to be proud of this tough-as-nails superhero? As Simone has previously confirmed, we’re definitely going to be heading about Muni in future DC comic books, and we can’t wait!



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