5 Simple tips for setting the dinner table this Christmas

Dress (the table) to impress


By Su Fen Tan

5 Simple tips for setting the dinner table this Christmas

1. Choose a simple colour scheme—and stick with it

Sometimes less is really more, so perhaps toning down on the colours will be a wise choice. If you want to go with the season’s festive hues, we think rich festive greens on top of a white tablecloth will make for an elegant backdrop. Or take a leaf out of our book: at the recent Buro Christmas lunch, we featured a classic White Christmas theme complete with touches of blue and silver—it went with the setting of the room perfectly.


2. Keep it modest with the centrepieces

You can’t go wrong with flowers. Pick your lovely bunch, and place them in glass or metallic vessels. And as mentioned, less is more. Instead of lining the length of the table with blooms, position them sparingly for a polished look. Tip: Go for flowers that are reasonable in size and height—you want them below eye level when they are set on the table so guests won’t have to talk through them.


3. Light ’em up

Scented candles, too, make for pretty centrepieces. Tip: While dancing candlelights are charming, an overpowering aroma is not. Opt for candles that will give a soft, subtle fragrance to add festive warmth to the atmosphere.

#BuroPicks: Lime Basil and Mandarin candle from Sanctuary by Jasmine Gan


4. Spread a little festive cheer

For an extra Christmassy touch, sprinkle a touch of decorative ornaments like pine cones or baubles on the table. And since it is the season of giving, why not surprise guests with a little gift at their place setting? This S’mores Kit from Craft Kitchen will make for a cute gift. Place it on the chair so you won’t crowd the table.


5. Do one final scan

Before you wrap up, just give the table one last sweep to ensure every place setting has the plates and utensils (including ones for dessert) your guests will need for the entire meal, two glasses (one for water and another for wine) and drink refills at the ready—there is no harm in chilling that extra bottle of wine. 


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