Sazzy Falak on How Do I Look? Asia

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Sazzy Falak on How Do I Look? Asia

The Asian take on the hit US makeover series How Do I Look? has finally hit our shores to fix all of Asia’s fashion faux pas. Now in its fourth week, the DIVA series follows host, Malaysian celebrity and style icon Sazzy Falak, on her mission to transform the lives of 8 lucky fashion victims. Alongside the Malaysian actress, host of the original US version, Jeannie Mai, features in each episode to set weekly fashion challenges for the participants.

Having starred in several Malaysian movies, hosted numerous TV shows and launched her own fashion label Street Fashion KL, Sazzy continues to broaden her horizon and bring her flair for fashion to the groundbreaking series. We ask Sazzy about her experience with the new TV series as well as her take on fashion.

Sazzy Falak on the set of How Do I Look? Asia 

Tell us how you got involved with the show?

I was approached by Karen, the producer of How Do I Look? Asia late last year. We met at an event in Kuala Lumpur while she was busy filming Facing Up To Fazura. She took an instant liking to me and told me about a new show that she would be doing the following year. Fast forward a couple of months, I got a call and was told I got the role as the host of How Do I Look? Asia.


Memorable moments from the show?

Getting to know and falling in love with each and every one of the participants, creating everlasting friendships with the Filipino crew, doing the makeovers with guest stylists and having fun going through the Zalora wardrobe on a daily basis. But the most memorable moments would be from the “Reveal” day itself, when the participant, after having gone through three days of makeovers, finally coming out and revealing her new look and self to the crowd.


What is the message youd like for people to take away from the show?

That it’s worth the time to spend that extra 5 or 20 minutes on yourself. That it’s perfectly alright to love yourself and take time to feel good about yourself. Also, do something that surprises you every day (I learned this from Jeannie Mai and I think it’s great advice). If you’ve never put on red lipstick, then do it. If you have not visited a hair salon, then do it. Recharge yourself by doing something different.


What is the best part about being the host for How Do I Look? Asia

Meeting the amazing and absolutely inspiring participants. I have learned so much from them, just as they have learned so much from me and the show.

Former editor of ELLE Malaysia Andrea Wong and Sazzy Falak with the Eww Tube

What can we look forward to on the show?

Look out for it! It’s about these amazing, gorgeous Asian women having a story to share and going through transformations on so many levels. I mean, it’s the same as the US! With the Eww Tube, makeovers and everything. But the women going through this experience are Asian and we will get to see the unique challenges Asian women face.


Who are your perennial style icons?

Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller because they don’t necessarily go for what’s trendy and are not afraid to break fashion rules.


Describe your personal style?

Bohemian, with a touch of glam rock.


Who or what influences your style?

My mother, of course. I remember when I was growing up, probably at the age of 9 or 10, I wanted to wear what everyone in my school was wearing, and my mother looked at me and said “Why do you want to be like everyone else? Why blend in when you can stand out?” It sounded ridiculous at that time, but it’s something that I now live by. To be your unique self and proud of it.

Sazzy Falak on the set of How Do I Look? Asia

Fashion faux pas you’ve made?

My teenage years had me wearing a lot of oversized t-shirts and jeans. Yikes! However, looking back, I was glad that fashion and beauty weren’t my main concerns growing up. I was quite the nerd and had a little more time to work on my personality. 


Favourite fashion designers?

From Malaysia, it would be Syomir Izwa, Alia Bastamam, Adila Long, Silas Liew, Afiq M. As for international fashion designers, it has to be Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Karl Lagerfeld, Mara Hoffman.


You showed at KLFW this year. Tell us more about your label?

Street Fashion KL is a fashion label that I started in 2012. This year I featured the StreetFashionKL by Sazzy Falak S/S 2015 collection called ‘Warisan Chik’, inspired by my grandmother, Sharifah Chik and our Minangkabau heritage. The collection features a lot of beautiful Asian patterns and more importantly, my label is all about celebrating and appreciating a woman’s body.


Catch How Do I Look? Asia every Monday at 8pm on DIVA (Astro Channel 702, DIVA HD 723).  

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