Leonardo DiCaprio to play Leonardo da Vinci in new biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio to play Leonardo da Vinci in new biopic

Leo's new project

Text: Su Fen Tan

Image: Getty Images

The film will be an adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s book on the iconic Italian Renaissance figure

Isaacson's book isn't even published yet, but Paramount and Universal already had a bidding war over the film rights to it—with the former coming out on top of the seven-figure auction. Leonardo DiCaprio will play his namesake, as well as produce the biopic with Jennifer Dawson through his production company Appian Way. One could probably say DiCaprio was born to play the role. In case you didn't know: the actor was actually named after the famous painter and scientist.


"My father tells me that he and my mother were on their honeymoon at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, I believe," DiCaprio previously explained in an interview. "They were looking at a da Vinci painting, and allegedly I started kicking furiously while my mother was pregnant. My father took that as a sign, and I suppose DiCaprio wasn't that far from da Vinci. And so, my dad, being the artist that he is, said, 'That's our boy's name.'"


As mentioned, Walter Isaacson's book isn't out yet, but it will be released on 17 October 2017 and is now available for pre-orders. There is yet to be an expected release date for the film. 


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