Bottega Veneta's new homeware store is the epitome of luxury

Love makes a house a home

Bottega Veneta's new homeware store is the epitome of luxury
It is evident in the company's motto-"When your own initials are enough"-that Bottega Veneta is not a brand to measure success by being instantly recognised.


Their approach is one that treads softly and sumptuously, revered by those truly in the know and who value craftsmanship and absolute luxury above all else. Beyond fashion and jewellery, creative director Tomas Maier has applied this same philosophy to a stunning range of home furnishings, encompassing furniture, lighting and home décor. And as the most beautiful furniture deserves the most beautiful setting, Bottega Veneta's first dedicated home boutique resides in a 205sqm ground floor boutique in the 18th century Palazzo Gallarati Scotti in the heart of Milan. Maier's contemporary aesthetic blends in wonderfully with the pre-existing coffered ceilings and original frescoes by Italian masters Carlo Innocenzo Carlone and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. While the home and furniture may be centuries apart, Bottega Veneta's new store proves but one thing: that good design and real taste transcends generations. Via Borgospesso n.5, Milan 


Jason Lim

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