The top 5 K-pop albums of 2020: Blackpink’s ‘The Album’, BTS’s ‘Be’ and more


By Melissa Foong

The top 5 K-pop albums of 2020: Blackpink’s ‘The Album’, BTS’s ‘Be’ and more

With its dreamy visuals and all-round-fantastic glory, K-pop has quickly evolved into becoming one of the biggest forces in the global music industry. The magic of South Korean pop has powered through music and fashion, with the ability to transcend language barriers and become a global phenomenon. As groups keep emerging, icons will only continue to dominate music charts not only in their country but worldwide as well.

As K-pop cements its status in the mainstream music scene, these are the top five K-pop albums that have made headlines this 2020.

1. ‘The Album’ by Blackpink

The four-membered girl group has no doubt won over the public with their diva-style vocals, rhythmic rap and intricately-choreographed dance moves shown in their first full-length album since their debut in 2016. The Album features two well-known American singers (Selena Gomez and Cardi B), and is a lyrical exploration of the group’s grown-up side with fun and edgy tunes.

2. ‘NONSTOP’ by Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is no stranger to the K-pop industry, releasing their seventh EP, NONSTOP. Known for both their talent and versatility to fit any given concept, it’s no surprise they’ve managed to wow everyone with their recent comeback—and on top of that, topped various charts.

3. ‘Be’ by BTS

BTS has broken so many records that to be nominated as best pop duo/group performance category for the Grammy Awards probably feels like it’s just another day for the supergroup. Shortly after their second album of the year (Be) was released, it quickly topped Billboard charts, making BTS the first ever K-pop group to hit number one on the Billboard 100. Now that’s the power of ARMY (BTS’s fandom).

4. ‘Neo Zone’ by NCT 127

Just like their seniors from the same company, EXO, Shinee and Super Junior, NCT 127 has been dominating not only K-pop but the music industry globally. The group’s newly released album, Neo Zone is described as a multi-genre album, containing genres such as hip hop, R&B, funk, and electro-pop. The album was a huge success, earning the group their first top-five entry on Billboard’s 200 chart.

5. ‘Border: Day One’ by Enhypen

Living up to their name as “super rookies”, Enhypen was quick to join BTS (who are from the same company) on the charts. Debuting with their first album, Border: Day One, the group broke the record for being the first K-pop rookie group to chart on Billboard’s World Albums this year. Not only that, they’ve also taken over the record for the highest album sales amongst other rookies groups in just its first week.

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