Team Buro Answers: 9 Perfect wedding songs for the best day of your life


By Ronn Tan

Team Buro Answers: 9 Perfect wedding songs for the best day of your life

Never underestimate the importance of the right tune for your wedding ceremony. The role of the right wedding song includes setting the tone of one of the most important days of your lives, bringing people together, and showcasing your personalities. Team Buro Malaysia understands the significance of ideal and appropriate wedding songs. One of us is married and as for the rest, the time will come… real soon? Maybe. Well, check out our picks below!

RACHEL AU, editor

Song: Lover by Taylor Swift

I first told Ronn (who’s compiling this roundup) that I didn’t need to do this particular TBA (Team Buro Answers) since I’m already married and had chosen Taylor Swift’s Enchanted for my wedding. Clearly, he wasn’t having any of it, especially since I had once said, “Dang, Taylor’s (wow, first name basis) new Lover would have been an even more perfect wedding song.” It’s romantic, raw, and realistic about all the good parts of a relationship with The One. It describes the insecurities. The quiet, intimate moments. The little secrets only you two share. And there’s a First Dance Remix! The only part of the song that some of us won’t be able to relate to is our non-existent guitar string scar.

LOH WEI YEEN, deputy editor

Song: Sempurna by Andra and the Backbone

For someone who isn’t big on cheesy tunes—even the most poignant reiteration of Can’t Help Falling In Love didn’t do anything to my insides—I’ve got a surprising soft spot for this Indonesian love song. If you’re a millennial or ’90s kid who grew up with the likes of heart-tugging Malay love songs i.e. Belaian Jiwa and Mungkin Nanti can still be found in your Spotify playlist, you’d know what I mean about this specific composition. From the lyrics (it literally begins with “you’re so perfect”) to the sentimentality that it brings, there’s no doubt that this would make the perfect (yet somewhat unconventional) wedding song.

JOAN KONG, fashion editor

Song: Coffee by Miguel

“I wish I could paint our love, these moments in vibrant hues. Love play, turns into gun play, gun play turns into pillow talk, pillow talk turns into sweet dreams, sweet dreams turn into coffee in the morning.” Who can resist such lyrics? I know I can’t. I’ve been a fan of Miguel for years now, but this song is definitely one of my favourites, as I believe it truly highlights the best side of a relationship—it’s the simple and the mundane things that makes a relationship special. Also, who doesn’t want the R&B singer to serenade their wedding life?

STEPHANIE BOEY, fashion writer

Song: Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader

Getting married is far on the horizon for me. But I’d be lying if I said it’s something I don’t think about. If and when the time comes, I have a handful of songs that I’ve mentally bookmarked to play on the big day. One of them is Toploader’s Dancing in the Moonlight which was released in 1999. Chances are you already know it, it’s one of those songs movies and tv shows love to use in their soundtracks. And I totally get why. The music successfully evokes a happy hippy vibe, and gets everyone in the right mood to dance. And the fact that it’s such a popular song and a lot of people know it just seals it as a crowd favourite.

RONN TAN, lifestyle writer

Song: The Story by Brandi Carlile

What’s a wedding? Who is she? All jokes aside—I have never imagined myself walking down the aisle, at least not for my own ceremony. I’d love to walk my best friends when time comes. Take note, besties! However, I know how crucial the right music is; having been a guest at so many weddings throughout my existence. If I have to choose, I’d go with Dolly Parton’s The Story. Originally by Brandi Carlile, Queen Dolly’s cover of the song was what truly spoke to me. While Brandi’s version is more intense and powerful, Dolly Parton’s took me to church with her slowed down and vulnerable rendition. The words, oh the words kept me alive and in love.

“All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am. But these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to. It’s true, I was made for you”. Imagine having these words amplify the hall while you and your loved one look each other in the eye. You feel your hearts intertwine and your souls unite. You know that life will be better from that moment because you have your partner by your side. Tears run down your faces faster than can you say “romance” while your desires for each other continue to bloom. Ah, the bliss of love and weddings.

REDZHANNA JAZMIN, editorial assistant

Song: Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees

When I think of the perfect wedding song, I think of Toothpaste Kisses by the Maccabees. They’ve been one of my favourite bands for a long time now (it broke my lil’ heart when they disbanded a few years ago) and this song is such a lovely little ditty. It’s one of the few softer songs that they’ve written in their career and it has it all: Lovey-dovey lyrics, great vocals and instrumentals, a solid guitar solo and whistling. All in all, it’s a good time. Plus, I have options if I’m not feeling the sweet, soft original version— they did a bangin’ revamped rendition of their song a few years ago that sounds nothing like the original, featuring lots of horns and even more boogie potential!

ZOE YANG, editorial assistant

Song: Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

To be honest, I’ve never chance upon a song where I say to myself, “Hmm, I would like to have this played at my wedding one day”. This might also be the case since it’s mostly sad and unromantic songs that come to me—please don’t ask me why. So, if I have to pick one, it’s going to be Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. I first came across this adorable, lovely tune when I was 16, and thought it was the sweetest song ever (still kinda do). Having said that, I also played it on repeat countless times while my sisters got sick of it (to any of my sisters reading this—I’m sorry). Anyways, here are the three reasons that contributed to my song obsession: (i) I was into America’s hippie culture after watching some old videos of the hippie movement on YouTube, (ii) the idea of spending the summer with people you love just screams bliss to me, and (iii) the music video. Ultimately, there’s just sort of a vibe to this song, and I love it! Like this song, love should be free, honest, positive, real, sweet, and spontaneous.

To the person reading this, if you’re engaged or married, congratulations and stay in love! If you’re in a relationship, this is definitely a helpful guide for you to start your daydreaming job. If you’re single, embrace the time you have to yourself, use the ample space to practice self love and personal development. Enjoy the “no commitment/obligation to others” moments, and have loads of fun!

CALLEIGH YAP, senior web designer

Song: The Moon Song by Karen O

When Ronn asked me what song would I want for my wedding, The Moon Song came into my mind immediately. It is one of the soundtracks from my all-time favourite movie, Her.  Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) chilling in bed with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) and his ukulele; writes a lullaby together called The Moon Song. During this scene, there is nothing more comforting than the presence of each other as they articulate their love for one another. This song depicts the experience of being in love and the feeling of comfort and safety with the one you love. There are a few different versions of this song, but I’d go for the version by Karen O (her voice is what I’d imagine angels sound like). This gentle and tender song is definitely gonna be played during my wedding. Dear future husband, please take note.


Song: Married Life by Michael Giacchino

I chose this song because to me, it sounds like the beginning of a life together. Every time I listen to it, I think of that scene from Up which shows Carl meeting Ellie when they were kids. They went on to spend their whole lives together. Is it just me or does that scene make you tear up just by thinking about it? Instead of the original version from the scene which is more upbeat, I prefer a slowed-down rendition of it for my future wedding. There are tons of covers of this song that you can find on YouTube and Spotify. There are no lyrics to this tune but I really enjoy how simple and moving it is.

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