Raya road tunes: Best songs to listen to on your balik kampung drive



By Sarah Hani Jamil

Raya road tunes: Best songs to listen to on your balik kampung drive

After two years of spending Eid being confined to our own districts and counties, the time has finally come for us to celebrate across borders, whether that be in a different state or country. One of the best ways to amp up the festive mood is by listening to Raya songs in the days leading up to the celebrations, especially as you drive back to your hometown.

Keeping traditions alive, these songs speak of the feasting, joy, forgiveness and togetherness everyone experiences this season. Festive music has the power to move us—they evoke treasured memories and unite all of those celebrating it. While we’ve plenty of evergreen classics that everyone is familiar with, there are new tunes by current artists that the youth can relate to even more. If you’ve not heard of these before, it’s time to add them to your playlist, stat.

Rap Der RayaYonnyboii, Luca Sickta, Kmy Kmo, Abubakarxli, Siqma and Asyraf Nasir

A song that reflects current times, this pop-rap fusion gathers the hottest talents of Def Jam Malaysia. Led by the electronic sounds of the keyboard and synth, it exudes a modern, laidback and fresh new vibe compared to what we usually associate Raya with. It’s truly a bop!

Raya, Raya, RayaDolla

Malaysia’s hottest girl group comprising four singers—Syaya, Sabronzo, Tabby and Angel—sings about the arrival of Raya to the tune of a classic Malay melody, P. Ramlee-style. Angel’s rap verse mid-song gives it a modern touch. It’s a song for every age!

Lagu RayaAlif Satar & The Locos

The multi-talented Alif Satar and his band ooze positive vibes in this upbeat, uplifting and catchy song. With a chorus that calls upon you to ‘jom balik kampung’, you can’t help but to smile and feel eager for the celebrations to come.

Pejam Celik Hari RayaIman Troye

This TikTok-trending tune will stick with you, especially if you’re into traditional songs for the celebrations. Written by A Ramlee, and composed and produced by Ezra Kong, it incorporates the values of love and faith, making it very fitting for the season.

Syukur LebaranAina Abdul

Here’s another one to add for you classic fans. Contemporary singer Aina Abdul teams up with her mentor, Sarry Khaled, to deliver a traditional Raya song to the beat of the Malaysian joget.

Raya JelmaIsmail Izzani, Naim Daniel, Daniesh Suffian, Firdaus Rahmat

Combining the soothing vocals of four of Malaysia’s pop-ballad singers, this tune, which premiered in May 2021, exudes soul and harmony. It is written, composed, arranged and produced by Firdaus Rahmat.

OOTD RayaDa Unknown, Moleque, Aliff Idham, El Farabi and Cikidot

Featuring the collective voice of Ace Talents, this upbeat song centres around a theme we all relate to: looking stylish and taking pictures of our outfits on the many days of celebrating Raya. It is composed by the famous singer-songwriter, Cat Farish of the famed 2000s boy band Ruffedge.

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