9 Contemporary Raya songs you should listen to


By Ronn Tan

9 Contemporary Raya songs you should listen to

With Raya fast approaching, the festivities are about to begin—albeit a little different than usual this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will now have to look at alternatives to our usual traditions and customs; also known as the “New Normal”. For example, the typical Ramadan bazaars and buffets have now been replaced with Iftar deliveries. However, one aspect of Raya that doesn’t have to change is the music and there are a plethora of classic Raya songs.

Everyone has heard of Balik Kampung by Sudirman, Satu Hari Di Hari Raya by M. Nasir, Suasana Hari Raya by Sharifah Aini, and Selamat Hari Raya by Ahmad Jais. These tunes are some of the most well-known Raya tracks of all time?—and there are definitely more. Music certainly sets the mood of the festive season. Throughout the past few years, artists have also released newer Raya numbers; contemporary concoctions that are worth checking out.

1. Ikhlas — Siti Nurhaliza, Nissa Sabyan, and Taufik Batisah

This Raya song doesn’t only feature one of Malaysia’s most popular singers but also Singapore’s Taufik Batisah and Indonesia’s Nissa Sabyan. Released in 2019, Ikhlas is composed by Omar K and Ikhwan Fatanna. According to Siti Nurhaliza herself, the song is “aimed at highlighting the beauty of Syawal” and “a reminder for us to always be grateful for all our blessings, especially during [the] blessed month”. The Raya track also showcases the theme of togetherness.

2. Bersyukur Seadanya—Hael Husaini

Written by both Hael Husaini and Ezra Kong, Bersyukur Seadanya is the Malaysian singer’s first ever Raya song. The track—with a minimal but expressive music video—highlights the need to be grateful as well as the fact that a moderate celebration would suffice; as long as everyone’s happy.

3. Bersama Di Hari Raya—Bella Astillah and Didi Astillah

Released in 2019, Bersama Di Hari Raya is concocted by Rosli Ahmad. This is the Astillah sisters’ first ever song together despite having been in the industry for about two decades. Bersama Di Hari Raya has a catchy rhythm and highlights all the fun that happens on the special day.

4. Seloka Hari Raya—As’ad Motawh and Sweetqismina

Although not entirely a new song, As’ad Motawh has managed to put his own contemporary twist to the classic Raya track with the help of Sweetqismina. Originally by Uji Rashid and Hail Amir, As’ad Motawh’s version is a little more upbeat than its predecessor.

5. Tak Dapat Raya—Floor 88 and Baby Shima

Released in 2019, Tak Dapat Raya is written by Zai Hamzah and produced by Harry Khalifah. The special Raya track is Baby Shima and Floor 88’s second collaboration; they worked together on Roadblock Hatiku. Tak Dapat Raya can certainly get you in the mood for Raya with melodies and comedic aspects that stay in your mind—accompanied by a fun music video directed by Eric Fuzi.

6. Menanti Di Aidilfitri—Wany Hasrita, Wani Syaz, Muna Shahirah, and Wan Azlyn

Composed by DJ Fuzz and released under FMC Music, Menanti Di Aidilfitri is one of the most heartwarming Raya songs out there. The record revolves around the need to be appreciative of loved ones while they are still around. The music video by Rifaiee captures that message perfectly.

7. Raya Telah Tiba—Aiman Tino

Launched in 2018, this Raya record by Aiman Tino is definitely catchy. Raya Telah Tiba is a rock-heavy song that highlights the joy and happiness of the auspicious day. It’s also a call for everyone to come together and celebrate—from parents to siblings to relatives.

8. Seru Hari Lebaran—Syamel and Ernie Zakri

If you’re looking for a modern Raya song that still features traditional elements, Seru Hari Lebaran by Syamel and Ernie Zakri is a great choice. This is their first ever Raya collaboration and its sound is reminiscent of classic tunes. Seru Hari Lebaran—written by Siso and S Atan—exudes all memories of the festive season.

9. Senyuman Ramadhan—Hael Husaini

Hael Husaini’s latest song—which has started to trend on TikTok—is released as part of Astro’s 2020 Ramadan Raya campaign. Composed by both Hael and Malaysian pop group MFMF, Senyuman Ramadhan spreads the message of staying positive no matter the situation.

What are your favourite Raya songs? Are you a fan of the classics or the newer releases? Why not listen to both? Even though we can’t balik kampung this year (with the Movement Control Order in place), we can still make the most of the situation. Stay safe, practise social distancing, and let’s continue to shine as bright as we can as a unit.

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