#BuroPlaylist: Self-isolate to Lunadira’s soul soothing playlist


By Kelly Lim

#BuroPlaylist: Self-isolate to Lunadira’s soul soothing playlist

These days, when social distancing is a worldwide mandate due to Covid-19, it can be hard to keep your spirits up at home. Thankfully, music can help us cope. The global music community has come together in a major way during this critical time, offering intimate live-streamed concerts and messages of encouragement to fans across the world.

Many different artists and labels are also sharing curated playlists, and we’ve reached out to KL’s own R&B songstress, Lunadira, for her very own #MCO playlist. Who better to ask than the soulful songstress known for her self-penned, self-confessional singles that come straight from the heart? You may have heard her bluesy 2018 hit, STUCK WITH YOU or the more playful ur cute but boring, a track about a lover with more beauty than brains. While writing was an outlet for her inner thoughts and feelings, turning them into songs allowed her to connect with other people.

Below are some of her favourites tracks to celebrate being alone together, so plug in and tune out.

On her Don’t Touch Me! playlist: “Having been in movement control for about a week now, why not just enjoy myself in my lonesome? I’ve added a mix of tunes that to sing out loud to while I’m lounging on my couch with my cat staring at me.”

1. BENEE – Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton 

“This is a song that I hope TikTok won’t ruin because it’s a bop! Especially when you get to dance around in your living room with almost no clothes on, and sing about how lonely you are.”

2. Kali Uchis – Loner 

“Another song to hug you in your lonesome.”

3. Frank Ocean – Solo 

“No playlist is complete without Frank Ocean in it.”

4. Beyonce – Me, Myself and I 

“It’s okay being alone! Maybe go on Google Hangout with your friends while this plays in the background as you contemplate on what (or who) you’re going to do first once the MCO is over.”

5. GARD WUZGUT – Wonderland 

“I had to add in a local tune that sings about wanting to close in on that social distancing (or at least dream about it).”

6. Lunadira – Crazy Dizzy 

“You can go crazy being alone at home. It’s daunting for some to spend so much time alone at home, so make sure you guys take care of your health, physically and mentally!”

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