K-pop at a glance: The best K-pop comebacks of every month so far and upcoming ones you shouldn't miss

K-pop at a glance: The best K-pop comebacks of every month so far and upcoming ones you shouldn't miss

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Text: Marissa Chin

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Here are some of the best K-pop comebacks that dropped this year you might have missed and what’s in store for the rest of 2020

The K-pop industry is a well-oiled machine, constantly rolling out captivating comebacks one after the other every month—if you’re an avid K-popper (or just a casual listener), chances are, you’re constantly spoiled for choice when it comes to your favourites dropping new tunes left and right.

Understandably, it can be hard to keep track of every comeback the Hallyu Wave is churning out so why not check out (or remind yourself) the ones that really made 2020 a banger so far?

Here is a list of the best comebacks so far by the gals and pals of the K-pop circuit:


Ateez - 'Answer’

Well, this pirate-themed group (yes, that's a thing!) certainly knows how to start the year off with a bang and an anthem.

pH-1 - 'Nerdy Love' ft Baek Ye-Rin

pH-1's knack for quirky lyrics and Baek Ye-Rin's soothing vocals come together in a sweet song about embracing all your quirky parts.

Zico - ‘Any song’

Everyone was probably jamming to this one with their grandmothers—while doing that viral dance

BTS - ‘Black Swan’

BTS lets the beautifully haunting single shine through immaculate contemporary dancing done by the graceful MN Dance Company.


iKon - ‘Dive’

The catchy track starts out with a harmonica riff—it doesn't get more country than this, people.

Kard - ‘Red Moon’

The co-ed group is known to mix Spanish-inspired beats into their tracks, making it their signature sound. This one is no different.

Zion. T ft SUMIN - ‘Dirty Love’

Check out this groovy R&B sadder-than-it-sounds single about a couple who is just over each other.

BTS - ‘ON’

It was one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of the year and it has everything. From a marching ensemble to the combination of BTS's distinctive pipes with gospel choir vocals in the background that would make anyone see stars, it's a larger-than-life track.


NCT 127 - ‘Kick It’

The nine members of NCT 127 channel their inner Bruce Lee in this hip hop comeback.

Itzy - ‘Wannabe’

'Wannabe' is ridiculously catchy and four months on, the song is still charting on Korean music charts bringing the 'Itzy Fever' to an all-time high. We knew it was a goodie when Ryujin busted out those iconic shoulder moves (you might risk a potential sprain if you're attempting it).

Oneus - ‘A Song Written Easily’

The brother group to vocal powerhouse group, MAMAMOO proves they also have some vocal chops of their own in this summery tropical-house dance number. 

Winner - ‘Hold’

It's a track befitting of the members' wild and quirky personalities as they hover over AKMU's Suhyun like a ragtag group of overprotective brothers (oh, the struggle).


(G)I-DLE - ‘Oh my god'

(G)i-dle somehow finds a way to inject new life into the everyday exclamatory expression.

Apink - ‘Dumhdurum’

As a nine-year group that debuted in the 'third-generation line of K-pop', there aren't many groups that managed to stay as relevant as Apink. With 'Dumhdurum’, the girls showed why they are still one of the most well-loved groups in the industry.

Got7 - ‘Not By The Moon'

Got7 shows off their honey vocals and smooth rap skills in this bass-heavy single promising everlasting love.

Oh My Girl - ‘Nonstop’

'Nonstop' perfectly captures the girl group's adorable charm whilst delivering fresh beats that will get you ready for the summer season. 


Taeyeon - 'Happy'

K-pop's resident solo queen is back with a happy-go-lucky song that will cheer you up when the gloom decides to strike.

Day6 -‘Zombie’

The band tackles mental health in an increasingly work-obsessed society with this melancholic pop-rock number.

TXT - ‘Can’t You See Me?’

BTS's brother group returns with a gothic single exploring the dark side of friendship. 

BOL4 - ‘Hug’

Ahn Jiyoung turns up her charm in this sweet, cheery song—don't miss out on the singer's "hoo!" that is even more refreshing than the spring breeze. 


Twice - ‘More and More’

Twice officially kicks off the summer season with a vibrant bohemian-inspired comeback that offers wild manes, a disco-esque beat drop and an EDM dance break. 

Stray Kids - ‘God’s Menu’

Stray Kids returns with a bold hard-hitting track that promises anyone who comes to their 'restaurant' (aka come across their group) will be very impressed by the 'food' (their music). Talk about a hard sell! 

Blackpink - ‘How You Like That’

Girl group royalty, Blackpink stepped back in the K-pop arena with a smouldering trap single that exudes peak femme fatale energy.

Sunmi - ‘pporappippam’

Another resident solo queen with a penchant for catchy tunes is none other than Sunmi who graced us with a dreamy retro-pop single that will make you feel like you're floating in a purple galaxy. 

JULY (so far)

Chung Ha - ‘Play’

Ironically, the only person that was not playing was Chung Ha in this intense Spanish-inspired track complete with a bull-fighting scene. 

EXO-SC - ‘1 Billion Views’

The rapline of popular group, EXO, gifted fans with a fun groovy song about the millennial obsession with social media with easy swagger. Next, try out their 1 Billion Challenge.

Gfriend - ‘Apple’

Gfriend are ethereal goddesses in their latest comeback about temptation (if the title and them dancing around in the Garden of Eden weren't evident enough).

Crush - ‘Ohio'

Lauded as one of South Korea's favourite ballad singers, Crush isn't known for his dance skills—but that didn't stop him from giving it a go in this groovy jazz number (and he's actually pretty good!).

Here are some notable comebacks to look forward to in the second half of 2020:

YG Blacklabel's Somi has announced an upcoming comeback on July 22 with the title track 'What You Waiting For'. This will be her first comeback since her debut song 'Birthday' that was released last year. 

P Nation's (Psy's record label) Lee Hi will also be returning to the music scene on July 23 with 'Holo'. Fans just can't get enough of her low-thrumming timbre of a voice.

SNSD Hyoyeon teased a comeback under the name DJ Hyo for her title track 'Dessert' that will feature (G)i-dle's Soyeon poised to come out July 22.

According to Naver, (G)i-dle has plans for an early August comeback and YG's newest boy group, Treasure, may debut very soon this year judging from their recent MV shoot (fingers crossed!).

Blackpink's 'How You Like That' is only a pre-release single so stay tuned for their first-ever studio album dropping this September along with its title track. The 'Killing This Love' singers will also be returning with a second special release track in August so in plain words, brace yourselves! Oh, and the members are each getting solo promotions in the near future—get the lowdown on Blackpink's 2020 plans here. 

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