The biggest comebacks and debuts, plus more K-pop news

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By Marissa Chin

The biggest comebacks and debuts, plus more K-pop news

A lot has gone down in the Hallyu world over the past couple of weeks. From surprise dating news (and breakups) to highly anticipated debuts from Babymonster and Illit, find everything you need to get up to speed with the latest K-pop happenings


Twice’s Chaeyoung and Zion.T are dating


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Just two weeks after Twice’s leader, Jihyo was confirmed to be dating Olympic athlete Yun Sung Bin, another member has also gone public with their relationship! On 5 April, a news outlet reported that the girl group’s youngest member, Chaeyoung met the solo rapper and singer through a mutual friend and have been seeing each other romantically for the past six months.

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Shortly after, JYP Entertainment confirmed the news, “The two of them are currently dating with positive feelings for one another.” Congratulations to the couple!


Kiss of Life has the Midas Touch in alluring second comeback

Returning on 3 April, Kiss of Life are Greek goddesses in the music video for their second title track, Midas Touch. While the girl group only debuted in July 2023, Kiss of Life quickly gained fans for their powerful vocals and mature sound. Midas Touch shows off the members’ skills with its Britney-esque melody reminiscent of early 2000s pop. Comprising of Natty, Julie, Belle and Haneul, the quartet were previous trainees of YG, SM and JYP, also known as the Big Three. 


Aespa’s Karina and Lee Jae Wook call it quits

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Just five weeks after going public with their relationship in February, both agencies have confirmed that the couple has parted ways. A source from Lee Jae Wook’s agency shared, “Lee Jae Wook decided on the breakup in order to focus on the project he is currently filming. The two decided to remain as colleagues who support each other.” The news of their relationship caused a divide within the K-pop community, leading the popular girl group member to release a formal apology on her social media for “disappointing fans.” The pair first met at a Prada fashion show.


Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol cease discussions about starring in upcoming thriller

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Speaking of celebrity breakups, Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s relationship has also come to an end after intense scrutiny surrounded the pair. On 30 March, both agencies of the actor couple confirmed the breakup, stating, “They promised to no longer emotionally exhaust the public with their personal life.” On 2 April, it was also announced that their discussions to star in the mystery thriller, Delusion, have been halted so as to not further damage the project.

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The controversy surrounding Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s relationship first came to light when they were first spotted in Hawaii by netizens in mid-March. Hyeri, who had been Ryu’s ex-girlfriend of seven years, posted an Instagram story alluding to the news. While their agencies initially denied the rumours, Han confirmed the news herself in a lengthy post refuting any cheating allegations. Hyeri later apologised for her words; however, Ryu remained silent throughout the scandal and Han was ultimately dropped from several brand endorsements. 


TXT experience Deja Vu as they navigate the real world 

Returning with a new mini album for their Minisode series, TXT explores themes of longing, past promises and friendship for Minisode 3: Tomorrow. The title track Deja Vu is a powerful pop ballad with elements of EDM, rock and trap beats featuring the boy group’s versatile vocals and fluid choreography. Listen to the seven-track mini-album below!


Seventeen to release an album of their greatest hits in April

Since debuting in 2015, Seventeen has released countless songs that fans have come to cherish. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the popular South Korean boy group is releasing an anthology album of their biggest hits. Titled 17 is Right Here, the current tracklist consists of 28 songs which were previous title tracks. Currently, no B-sides or sub-unit songs are included—but Carats remain hopeful that Seventeen have some surprises up their sleeve before the album drops on 29 April!


Lucas makes a triumphant return with Renegade 

After more than two years on hiatus, Lucas makes a powerful return and debut as a soloist with his title track, Renegade. With its strong and emotional lyrics paired with a booming hip-hop backtrack, the song talks about Lucas’ emotions while he was away from the public limelight and calls out the haters who created false narratives about him that ultimately led to his departure from WayV and NCT. Celebrate his return by streaming his single album below! 


Illit shows off their Magnetic charms

After making it to the final lineup of Belift Lab’s reality survival competition show, R U Next? fans have been eagerly awaiting Illit’s debut in the K-pop world. On 25 March, the girl group officially released their EP, Super Real Me, alongside their title track, Magnetic. Featuring an infectious TikTok-ready dance track that uses the trendy Pluggnb genre, Magnetic is full of dynamic house beats and youthful vocal motifs not often explored in K-pop. The quintet consists of three South Korean members, Wonhee, Minju and Yunah and two Japanese members, Iroha and Moka. Stream their debut EP below!


V doesn’t want to be just Friends

While the BTS member is currently serving in the military, it didn’t stop V AKA Kim Taehyung from serving out another groovy tune for fans who miss him! On 15 March, the music video for Fri(end)s was released, which showed off the K-pop idol’s sultry vocals against a heavy pop-synth bassline while singing in English. V and the rest of BTS plan to reunite as a group in 2025 after each of the members have completed their mandatory military service. 


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