Flashback Friday: The night VR art comes alive at #BuroArtBeat

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By Gwen Ong

Flashback Friday: The night VR art comes alive at #BuroArtBeat

In collaboration with Corum and Google Malaysia, Buro 24/7 Malaysia recently embarked on an exclusive project featuring the Tilt Brush by Google. The #BuroArtBeat event held at Wei-Ling Contemporary, The Gardens Mall, showed us the endless possibilities of an immersive art world and the talent that we have in the art industry. Buro 24/7 Malaysia redefined creative expression and bridged the gap between art and technology.

If you missed out on the evening’s showcase, here’s a quick recap. The #BuroArtBeat event kicked off with a charity auction of 11 Bubble glasses that were created by local artist in a reinterpretation of Corum’s Bubble timepieces. Art collectors extended great support in helping us raised RM156,500 for the welfare of the animals at the SPCA.

Our guest of honour for the night was the CEO of Corum, Davide Traxler, whose brand’s iconic Bubble watches were among the highlight of the #BuroArtBeat.

The evening’s entertainment was by none other than soulful singer, Ning Baizura while canapés were served by Dish by Ili and drinks from Moet & Chandon. Over 300 guests had the privilege to check out virtual reality art live as two local artists, Wong Chee Meng and Ruzzeki Harris, demonstrated their artwork with the Tilt Brush by Google.

Wong Chee Meng’s piece is about a magical wonderland while Ruzzeki Harris’ is an exploration of life and conception. 

To commemorate the performances, florist Happy Bunch provided bouquets of flowers to the three artists – Ning Baizura, Wong Chee Meng and Ruzzeki Harris. A lucky draw was also held where one winner walked away with a RM7,950 Corum clock. 

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