Watch A-listers do their best impressions of 'Gone with the Wind'

Watch A-listers do their best impressions of 'Gone with the Wind'

Those iconic lines

Video: YouTube / W magazine

Here’s your epic video of the day: 29 Hollywood stars take on the iconic scene from 'Gone with the Wind'

The 1939 film Gone with the Wind has been considered one of Hollywood's most legendary productions, not just because it is adapted from the classic Pulitzer-winning novel of the same name. Its phenomenal success has since pegged the film a pop culture icon.

The film's most famous scene marks a sort of retribution for main character Rhett Butler, who - after vying for Scarlett O'Hara's love for over ten years - has finally had enough of Scarlett and their rocky relationship:

Recently, W magazine asked 29 celebrities to do their best impressions of this legendary scene, and the result is altogether amazing (Eddie Redmayne proved he can make us swoon with just one line), awkward (Cate Blanchett, we love you for this), and plain hilarious (Kristen Wiig and Samuel L. Jackson win this one). Check out the video below:


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