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Top 5 films to catch at Le French Festival

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By Su Fen Tan

Top 5 films to catch at Le French Festival

La Famille Bélier | The Bélier Family

A lighthearted coming-of-age comedy laced with serious undertones: “The Béliers are four ordinary people. Well, almost… since the members of the family are deaf except for 16-year-old Paula. And not only can she speak but she also has a gift for singing. Encouraged by her music teacher, she decides to prepare for auditions to enter a vocal elite choir in Paris. Her parents, who rely on her as she is their indispensable interpreter in the daily running of the family farm, takes the news badly. Between the idea of betraying her parents and taking her first inevitable steps toward adult life, Paula goes through a painful dilemma.”


Le Petit Prince | The Little Prince

A refreshing adaptation of the classic: “A little girl, intrepid and curious, lives in a very grown-up world with her mother who tries to prepare her for adult world. Her neighbor, an eccentric and facetious aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world, the world of The Little Prince. From the director of Kung Fu Panda, this film is an entertaining performance, full or creativity and beauty that celebrates and expands the universe created by Saint-Exupéry.”


La Princesse de Montpensier | The Princess of Montpensier

A drama-filled, periodic romance: “Love and war and love as war come together in Bertrand Tavernier’s stunning adaptation of La Princesse de Montpensier a short story by Madame de La Fayette set during the Wars of Religion in France in the 16th century. Marie de Mézières and Henri de Guise are passionately in love, but Marie’s father’s political ambitions force her into marriage with the Prince of Montpensier. She soon becomes exposed to the romantic and political intrigues of court.”


Hippocrate | Hippocrates Diary of a French Doctor

A run-of-the-mill comedy x drama: “This film is a socially potent portrait of a Paris hospital seen through the eyes of a young intern making his very first rounds. Benjamin, who begins a six-month internship in the hospital ward run by his father, is already quite sure of himself. When it comes to actual procedures and responsibilities, Benjamin starts to experience his limits and confronts his failures. Abdel, an experienced Algerian physician forced to work as an intern because of his status, helps hi understand the hospital for what it really is.”


Eden | Eden, Lost in Music

Based on the true story of Sven Hansen-Løve: “Raves dominate, but Paul, a teenager in the Paris underground scene of the early 1990s, is drawn to the more soulful rhythms of Chicago’s garage house movement. Eventually, he partners with his friend to form a DJ duo called Cheers around the same time as two of his other friends form the DJ duo Daft Punk. They plunge into the nightlife of endless music and experience euphoric, dangerous and ephemeral success. The French Touch was born.”   


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