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10 Scary Asian horror movies and series on Netflix for a good spook

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By Buro247

10 Scary Asian horror movies and series on Netflix for a good spook

There are many things that give us the spooks: no Wi-Fi connection, a dying phone battery, and having a stomachache with no bathroom in sight. It all sounds horrifying but nothing is as scary as this collection of Asian movies and series. After all, Asian horror is said to be the scariest of them all…


Thailand | 2004

After a hit-and-run accident where a young woman was killed, a couple finds themselves haunted by more than just the horrific memory. With every picture they take, the reality of the strange shadows that appear in the images becomes more apparent.


Nang Nak

Thailand | 1999

Based on the Thai legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong, the story starts with Mak’s return home from the war to find his beloved wife and child overjoyed to have him back, but unbeknownst to him, they have died months earlier. The inhabitants of the village try to reason with Mak, but can he see the truth?


May The Devil Take You

Indonesian | 2018

As her father lies on his deathbed due to a mysterious illness, Alfie travels to her father’s old house to find answers. On her journey for the truth, she uncovers many dark events of the past, along with a pact involving her whole family and the devil; who is now returning to collect his payment, unless Alfie can find a way out.


The 3rd Eye

Indonesian | 2018

For years Adel fought to convince her family of the supernatural sightings she has seen in and around their home. 12 years later and following the death of their parents, her sisters return to their family home to learn more about the strange stories Adel used to speak of. This is when they learn of ‘the third eye’.



South Korea | 2020

As night falls upon the city, that’s when the shadows and spirits come out to torment the oblivious civilians. Centred around Korean urban legends, this anthology series will have you checking under your bed.


Svaha: The Sixth Finger

South Korea | 2019

A pastor investigating a dark religious cult named ‘Deer Mountain’ turns to his Buddhist monk friend for help. The pastor quickly finds himself dealing with something bigger than he first anticipated as strange events unfold and animals of the forest begin to do the unnatural.


Ju-On: Origins

Japan | 2020

Based on the Ju-On franchise created by Takashi Shimizu, the series follows a paranormal researcher as he desperately tries to uncover the mysteries of a haunted home, where a terrible event befell a young mother and child many years ago.



Malaysia | 2023

The thought of school is already scary enough on its own but what about a school overrun by a group of violent and possessed students? This homegrown horror film sees a young teacher who must put aside his personal traumas to rally his school in a fight for survival against the supernatural. 



Japan | 2023

Just in case that previous high school horror flick is not enough to get you in cold sweats, here’s one from Japan. Stuck in a murderous time loop, six high schoolers must find the scattered remains of an unknown victim to break the curse and finally see another day.


Guillermo Del Toro‘s Cabinet of Curiosities

United States | 2023

Just because it’s not filled with a ton of jumpscares doesn’t mean that it’s not scary. Take Academy Award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro’s venture into the horror genre as an example. In Cabinet of Curiosities, this anthology series will challenge your notions of horror by dancing between the line of the magical to macabre; the gothic to the grotesque. Don’t get it twisted: these eight sinister and genre-defining stories will give you the creeps.


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