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5 New K-dramas to catch on Netflix, iQiyi and Astro this October 2021


By Deanna Cheah

5 New K-dramas to catch on Netflix, iQiyi and Astro this October 2021

October’s Korean drama line-up is big on thrills, both of the psychological and romantic sort. There are hidden identities, conflicting desires, a forbidden royal romance, and crimes to unravel—brought to you by stars including Kingdom‘s Jun Ji-hyun, Nevertheless actress Han So-hee, and SF9’s Ro Woon.

1. My Name

When: From 15 October on Netflix

Who’s in it: Han So-hee (Nevertheless), Park Hee-soon (Beautiful World) and Ahn Bo-Hyun (Itaewon Class)

Who’s behind it: Director Kim Jin-min (Extracurricular)

On her 17th birthday, Jiwon (Han Soo-hee) witnessed her father’s death and takes it upon herself to find his killer. She approaches an old family friend, Mujin (Park Hee-soon), who runs the largest domestic drug ring in Korea. Mujin reveals that a police officer killed Jiwoo’s father and gives her an opportunity to get revenge. Furious at the authorities for not investigating her father’s death, Jiwoo sacrifices her entire life to take on a new identity, Oh Hyejin, and becomes an undercover policewoman. Determined to gather insider information on her father’s case, she dodges the suspicions of her work partner (Ahn Bo-hyun) while confronting the truth behind good versus evil.

Watch it here

2. The King’s Affection

When: From 11 October on Netflix

Who’s in it: Park Eun-bin (Do You Like Brahms?) and SF9’s Ro Woon (Extraordinary You)

Who’s behind it: Director Song Hyun-Wook (Undercover)

Growing up, Yi Hwi (Park Eun-bin) was sent out of the palace for being born a girl. After the death of her twin brother, the crown prince, she hides her true identity and impersonates him. Afraid to grow close to anyone and risk her secret being exposed, she hides immense loneliness and sadness behind a tough and cold facade. However, Yi Hwi can’t hide her growing attraction to her tutor, Jung Ji-un (Ro Woon), who’s also attracted to her. Unaware of her real gender, Ji-Eun becomes confused about their relationship and his sexuality. The King’s Affection is based on the comic Yeonmo by Lee So-Young.

Watch it here

3. Jirisan 

When: From 23 October on iQiyi, and 24 October on tvN at 9.15pm with new episodes every Sunday and Monday (Astro Ch 395 HD)

Who’s in it: Jun Ji-hyun (Kingdom; My Love from the Star) and Ju Ji-hoon (Kingdom)

Who’s behind it: Director Lee Eung-bok (Sweet Home; Goblin) and writer Kim Eun-hee (Kingdom; Signal)

Jirisan reunites Kingdom castmates Jun Ji-hyun AKA Gianna Jun—who plays a fearless national park ranger—and Ju Ji-hoon, who’s a rookie ranger in this series. Fully equipped with mountain gear, Seo Yi-gang treks Jirisan alone and isn’t fazed by any of Mother Nature’s unpredictable challenges. Holding her job to the highest regard, she meets and partners up with Kang Hyun-jo, a former army captain turned ranger, to rescue people in need—but Hyun-jo and the mountain range have secrets to hide.

Watch it here

4. Reflection of You

When: From 13 October on Netflix

Who’s in it: Shin Hyun-bin (Hospital Playlist), Kim Jae-young (100 Days My Prince) and Ko Hyun-jung (Dear My Friends)

Who’s behind it: Director Im Hyun-wook (A Person You May Know) and writer Yoo Bo-ra (Snowy Road)

Hee-joo (Ko Hyun-jung) had a childhood plagued by fear and poverty. These days, she’s a successful painter and essayist with two children. With her husband in line to inherit a hospital, they lead an affluent lifestyle–but Hee-joo feels that her life lacks meaning and passion. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a woman who, despite being poor and reminding Hee-joo of her younger self, manages to shine.

Watch it here

5. Dali and Cocky Prince

When: From 14 October on KBS World (Astro Ch 392 HD) with new episodes Thursday and Friday at 9.05pm

Who’s in it: Kim Min-jae (Do You Like Brahms?) and Park Gyu-young (The Devil Judge)

Who’s behind it: Director Lee Jung-sub (Queen for Seven Days)

Although Jin Moo-hak (Kim Min-jae) isn’t book smart, he’s street smart and extremely good at turning a profit for his family’s business empire. Kim Da-li (Park Gyu-young), however, is the polar opposite. Although intellectually inclined and fluent in seven languages, her sheltered and privileged upbringing hasn’t prepared her for the real world. This rom-com tracks the attraction between this unlikely pair and the sparks that fly when they keep crossing paths. But with Da-li’s inherent elitism, will she ever find a love that is enough to conquer all?

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