Wonder Women: Movies by female directors you have to watch

Wonder Women: Movies by female directors you have to watch

Show of feminism

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These screen queens may get less of the limelight but it doesn’t mean they should have less of your attention

It was recently announced that Patty Jenkins has signed on to direct the sequel on major box office hit, Wonder Woman, and the deal was rumoured to have closed at a record-breaking $8 million USD range—making her the highest paid female director to date. With the hyper-sexualised image of arguably, the biggest female comic book superhero, thrusted upon her to reimagine, Jenkins' task was no walk in the park.


But it was through her discerning lens and more importantly, the female gaze, that Wonder Woman emerged as an empowered, self-respecting, and derriere-whooping model of a feminist superhero. Watching those battle scenes unfold, we couldn't help but feel a surge of girl power.


Thresholds are being broken in showbiz as we speak but the glass ceiling remains glaring. So, as we patiently await the second instalment, let us band together with a show of support to some female-directed films:



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