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Best films and TV shows this May 2020: ‘Space Force’, ‘Sepet the Musical’ and more


By Marissa Chin

Best films and TV shows this May 2020: ‘Space Force’, ‘Sepet the Musical’ and more

If you’re in need of some laugh-out-loud moments or heart-pumping scenes, be sure to check out some of these recommendations:

The Half of It

When: Now on Netflix

Meet Ellie Chu, a shy straight-A student battling racist microaggressions on the daily in the small nothing-ever-happens town of Squahamish. When she decides to help sweet but bumbling jock Paul court his crush through love letters, Ellie’s mundane life takes a turn when she begins to fall for the same girl. Directed by Alice Wu (Saving Face), we not only love the Asian representation of this upcoming movie, but also for its exploration of different lived experiences and emotions.


When: Now on Netflix

If you enjoy watching how depraved serial killers pose as unassuming members of a community, you should add Netflix’s new crime thriller in your watchlist. The series follows the perspective of two fathers: one a homicide detective and the other a high school counsellor. The catch? One of them is a serial killer. The murder of a teenager who is believed to be connected to a serial killer that has lied dormant until recently shakes the foundations of the quiet suburban neighbourhood. As the two fathers try to protect their families, they must fight the inner demons that threaten to take hold. Fans of You and Dexter, this one’s for you.

Sepet the Musical

When: 1 – 9 May on YouTube

Vying for a local twist this month? How about a Malaysian musical based on Yasmin Ahmad’s iconic film, Sepet? Pre-corona, the musical was sold out for three weekends last September and now, you can watch the whole thing for free on YouTube. The musical follows two teenagers, 19-year old VCD seller Jason and film buff Orked. As they get to know each other, a budding romance blossoms but not without any challenges as social and racial tensions surface. Treat yourself and your family to a funny and poignant show this Ramadan.


When: 2 May on HBO GO

Want to live out your dream as a skater girl? You can now do that vicariously through HBO’s new original series about a group of young girls navigating through the male-dominated world of skateboarding in New York City. Girl-power friendships, the occasional scruff with rival skaters, edgy street wear and slick moves up and down the Big Apple streets—what’s not to love?

George Clarke’s Old House New Home (Season 4)

When: 7 May on BBC Lifestyle (UnifiTV ch512) and BBC Player

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a decrepit house demolished and reconstructed into a brand new beautiful home. This season, architect George Clarke returns to the popular home living program with a vintage twist. In it, aspiring homeowners with an inclination towards historic Victorian homes will get the help of Clarke’s magic touch as he designs the perfect home that masterfully converges the old and new into a stunning abode fit for 21st century living.

I Know This Much Is True

When: 11 May on HBO GO and HBO (Astro ch411 HD)

What’s better than Mark Ruffalo in a psychological family drama? Two Mark Ruffalos, of course. His first TV series role in 20 years of acting, Ruffalo will be playing twins, Thomas and Dominick, the latter a diagnosed schizophrenic. The limited six-episode series follows the treacherous relationship between the two brothers as they navigate through mental health, betrayal and forgiveness. Don’t miss out on Ruffalo confronting, chasing and fighting himself on the small screen.

The Science of Sleep: How to Sleep Better

When: 21 May on BBC Earth (UnifiTV ch501) and BBC Player

Many of us are experiencing a sleep crisis whether that is not getting quality sleep or not getting any sleep at all. From learning how to get your husband to stop snoring to dealing with sleep paralysis from experts, you can sleep better knowing you’re on your way to some good quality rest.

Space Force

When: 29 May on Netflix

Yes, you read that right—it didn’t take very long for America’s brand new military branch launched by President Donald Trump of the same name to be turned into a sitcom. Created by none other than the mastermind behind the iconic American hit show, The Office, Greg Daniels is back again to deliver a quality comedy show that takes a quantum leap from the mundane paper company to the exciting secret military base. While it might not be a perfect replacement for fans missing the Dunder Mifflin gang, you are sure to get many laugh-out-loud moments with stars like Steve Carrell, John Malkovich and Lisa Kudrow in the lineup.

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