Dos and Don’ts: The best etiquette to follow for your first date

The do’s and don’ts


By Buro Malaysia

Dos and Don’ts: The best etiquette to follow for your first date

Be on time

Whether you’re being fetched or you’re meeting your date at the venue, it’s always essential to be ready on time. This contributes a lot to your date’s first impression of you. If you’ve got a handful of excuses for your tardiness, perhaps you could think of it this way: how would you feel if you’ve made the effort to be ready on time, only for your date to show up half an hour late? Probably not a good start for a first date, unless of course, you’re both running late.



Hand phones away

Yes, yes, that photo you posted up of your dog stealing your socks is hilarious and is getting a lot of likes and comments, but when you’ve got someone sitting right in front of you, try to keep the focus on that person. It’s called “respect.” Save the digital interactions for later, unless it’s an outright emergency. After all, what better way to have a date turn sour than by trying to talk to someone who’s glued to their phone?



Table manners

Again, first impressions are everything. Bad table manners can be a massive turn-off during a date, more so on a first date. Good table manners always translate into general good manners, which can’t put you in any negative light in the eyes of your date. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want to stay for dessert if your date has managed to splatter pasta sauce all over himself/herself, burp, and pick their teeth all in one seating. You can read our guide to table manners here.



Dress decently

Always dress for the occasion, but in case you’re unsure, it’s always better to overdress than underdress. However, save the flashy clothes for another time. First dates should remain on safe grounds: no revealing clothes or novelty comedy ties, unless you want to send such messages to your date.



Don’t get hammered

While alcohol can help loosen the tension up during a first date, getting wasted isn’t quite advised. Firstly, getting sloshed probably brings out the most extreme sides of a person – something you may not want to reveal on a first date – and secondly, this simply means you may end up doing something you may regret. Can’t control your alcohol intake? A simple way to do so is to take it slow and not drink more than your date does.



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