#BuroArtBeat: A spectacular evening celebrating virtual reality art in Malaysia

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By Gwen Ong

#BuroArtBeat: A spectacular evening celebrating virtual reality art in Malaysia

On 23 February 2017, Buro 24/7 Malaysia hosted the first ever virtual reality art exhibition in Malaysia at Wei-Ling Contemporary, The Gardens Mall KL. In partnership with Corum and Google Malaysia, the exclusive project featured the Tilt Brush by Google, which gave us an insight into the endless possibilities of an immersive art world where creative expression knows no limits. The #BuroArtBeat event was an opportunity to bridge the gap between art and technology as well as to showcase the talent in the local industry.

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The evening kicked off with a charity auction of 11 Bubble glasses that were created by local artists in honour of Corum’s Bubble collection. In following Corum’s lead in which the luxe Swiss watch brand have been collaborating with notable artists on the Bubble collection since its introduction in 2000, it was only befitting that we gather our local talents for a good cause as well. The auction was a raucous affair as the art collectors tried to outbid each other in support of the SPCA. A whopping RM156,500 was raised for the welfare of the animals.

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Fresh from the high-spirited affair, guests took the opportunity to view the 18@8 artworks on display and visited the dedicated area featuring Corum timepieces. Our emcee of the evening, Bernie Chan then welcomed guests to the cocktail party with a short speech by Editor-in-chief, Cai Mei and CEO of Corum, Davide Traxler. As guests enjoyed delicious canapés from Dish by Ili and refreshing drinks from Moet & Chandon, Ning Baizura serenaded the crowd with her soulful voice.

Over 300 guests joined us to witness virtual reality art in action as two local artists, Wong Chee Meng and Ruzzeki Harris took to the stage for an art performance with the Tilt Brush by Google. Guests also had the chance to don the headset and paint with the Tilt Brush by Google in a 3D canvas. As a token of appreciation, florist Happy Bunch provided beautiful bouquets of flowers to our three artists of the evening – Ning Baizura, Wong Chee Meng and Ruzzeki Harris. A lucky draw was also held where one winner walked away with a RM7,950 Corum clock. 

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The #BuroArtBeat event was a highlight of the art scene as we celebrated the creative talents and the sophisticated technology of today. Buro 24/7 Malaysia would like to extend our gratitude to Corum, Google Malaysia and Wei-Ling Contemporary for making the VR art exhibition and charity auction a success. Our appreciation also goes out to Dior Beauty, Dish by Ili, Moet & Chandon and Happy Bunch.



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