#BuroArtBeat: 11 local artists create unique glass bubble artworks for charity

Craft Your Dreams


By Gwen Ong

#BuroArtBeat: 11 local artists create unique glass bubble artworks for charity

To mark the first ever virtual reality exhibition of its kind in Malaysia where we’ll unveil the Tilt Brush by Google, Buro 24/7 Malaysia is hosting a charity drive to raise funds for the SPCA. Eleven Malaysian artists have each been given a glass bubble to reinterpret as a tribute to the Corum Bubble timepiece.


Corum, one of the partners of #BuroArtBeat, first introduced the Bubble collection in 2000 which set the bar high in creativity and wow factor. Drawing on this inspiration, we threw the challenge to our local talents.

With the theme ‘Craft Your Dreams’, the artists were given free reign to put their creative spin on the bubble-shaped glasses. The end results are imaginative and ingenious. These one-of-a-kind artworks will be auctioned off during the #BuroArtBeat event with proceeds going towards the welfare of the animals at the SPCA. 


Which is your favourite “Bubble”

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You can also show your support for the SPCA on Facebook where Buro 24/7 Malaysia is currently running a charity drive as well. Like and share the post (and hashtag #BuroArtBeat of course) – we’ll be donating RM1 to the SPCA for every shared post on Facebook. Campaign ends on 23 February 2017, so make every share count!


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