9 Best women empowerment podcasts you should follow and tune into


By Zoe Yang

9 Best women empowerment podcasts you should follow and tune into

Whether you’re on a road trip, on a flight, stuck in a traffic, or just have nothing to do, these inspiring podcasts are here to help you understand life a little better. From career-related topics to thought-provoking subjects (addressing female stereotypes and the like), check out our recommendations that you can tune into:

Head Over Heels

Brought to you by fitness instructor and TV & radio host Maggy Wang and 2015 Miss Universe Malaysia, Vanessa Tevi, this dynamic duo aims to create a comfortable space for honest dialogues to take place. They address much-needed conversations on issues that both women and men go through, and what it means to be a female in the 21st century.

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Three female hosts—singer and social media influencer Charis Ow, producer and presenter Juanita D. Ramayah, and pilates instructor Siu Lim—come from different walks of life, joining hands to bring you topics ranging from career, life, relationships, health and motherhood. Give this podcast a listen if you’re curious about fascinating, real-life accounts on women empowerment. More so, these three work towards one common objective: to stand for equality regardless of the differences in religion, race, and background.

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The History Chicks

Fun fact: iconic female figures that have made it to our history textbooks are sadly lacking compared to men. If you’d like to know more about women who were silent heroines back in the old days, this would be the perfect podcast for you.

Manned by two history geeks—Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, The History Chicks podcast delivers well-researched factual (and fictional) stories of women who made history dating back as early as a thousand years ago. Each episode will surprise you with fun, shocking facts you probably didn’t know of—definitely a great pick for history enthusiasts as well.

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How to Own the Room

It isn’t surprising (and is sadly quite unfortunate) that many successful women aren’t taken seriously in their area of expertise. Comedian and radio presenter Viv Groskop gauges how one can own the room with advice from inspirational women from different industries. Some iconic guests who’ve been on the podcast include Julie Andrews, Kenya Hunt, Margaret Atwood, Nigella Lawson, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

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The V Word

While the anatomy of a female’s body remains a ridiculous “taboo” topic in many countries, physician experts Dr. Jennifer Conti and Dr. Erica P. Cahill tackle this head-on with a podcast that specifically addresses lady parts. Currently working at the Obstetrics & Gynaecology department in the prestigious Stanford University, these lady docs are determined to share their expertise in view of dealing with stereotypes regarding the female reproductive system and reproductive policy issues.

DISCLAIMER: The podcast is not meant to substitute actual medical advice. Please seek professional help if you need.

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Second Life

Co-founder of Who What Wear, Hillary Kerr, initiated the podcast to invite inspirational women from various industries and backgrounds to tell their stories—from dealing with challenging hurdles to managing career changes. The podcast features a few influential women including Eva Chen, Rea Ann Silva, Jessica Koslow, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel Zoe.

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The Podcast

Based on the global best-selling book series, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, this storytelling podcast is perfect for both children and adults. Currently in its second season, the episodes chronicle the tales of inspiring women from then and now, serving as encouragement to millions of girls and women across the globe to live with determination to accomplish their dreams.

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It’s not news that the female body often gets subjected to impractical expectations and unnecessary judgement from society. Unladylike is a podcast that strives to normalise anything that is deemed, literally “unladylike”, whether it is embracing one’s body hair or learning how to curse. Hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, the pair is all about breaking the rules (and glass ceilings), with zero plans to conform to society’s idea of “a perfect lady”.

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In Good Company

Founder of Women Who, Otegha Uwagba, engages a plethora of smart, successful career women in conversation in this podcast. Some guest speakers have the most compelling stories to tell, including their rags-to-riches journey and even helpful career advice for any working woman out there.

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