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Versace Home launches its latest homeware collection, and it’s as luxe as you think

Versace (not only) on the floor


By Joan Kong

Versace Home launches its latest homeware collection, and it’s as luxe as you think

Many fashion houses are hopping on the homeware bandwagon (Gucci will be launching Gucci Décor in September), but one of the OGs in the field—Versace—is amping up its game with not one, but three new lines for 2017. From bed linens to home furnitures and little knick-knacks, the collection this year is nonetheless opulent, but we’re loving the refined and sleek pieces that are introduced throughout. Its Medusa logo makes an appearance on all of the pieces, whether it’s a tiny embellishment at the edge of a dining table, or in the form of bed frames with its cut-out silhouette.



Le Jardin de Versace

Translated into ‘The Garden of Versace’, the series of homeware in the collection is “like a summer dream come to life”. Bold-coloured butterfly motif are given a luxe yet feminine finish with gold baroque swirls and florals, with each butterfly holding a symbolic power: blue is a symbol of acceptance; yellow denotes love and happiness; and purple represents spirituality. The key piece of the line is the Le Jardin sofa that is upholstered in a woven metallic jacquard fabric by Rubelli®, and only 12 pieces are available worldwide—all are signed by chief designer Donatella Versace.

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The VM11 Collection

Named after the address of its boutique in Milan at Via Montenapoleone 11, a scroll through the pieces below and you’ll notice the sleek and aerodynamic designs, made for living and dining. Although mostly in neutral shades of black and white, the muted colours are juxtaposed with bold shapes and contrasts in material. For example, the VM11 dining table with interchanging marble inlays.
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The Versace Medusa is the heart of the collection, with pieces from chairs to bedframes and lamps taking the silhouette of its logo. The Shadov chairs, in particular, are moulded to form the seat, and are available in a variety of materials and colours, finished with powder coated metal legs.

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