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This designer twists stuff into furniture

Folding chairs take on a new meaning


By Buro247

This designer twists stuff into furniture

Take a glance at one of Stelios Mousarris’ designs and you’d probably do a double take on it. After all, it isn’t everyday that you come across a cityscape folded into a coffee table, or a carpet folded into a chair that resembles the magic carpet from Aladdin that you’d probably be cautious to sit on.

A Cyprus-based designer ad modelmaker, Mousarris creates furniture that is almost out of this world. For the wave city coffee table, he used a mixture of wood, steel along with 3D printed technology, while his carpet chairs – a collaboration with artist Jan Blythe – are handmade and come in a selection of Persian carpet styles.

Likewise, his other pieces don’t stray far from the realm of illusion, pushing the boundaries of design and the use of various materials.

Check out more of Mousarris’ designs and portfolio at his website


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