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These illustrations will trump all your colouring books

Mystical doodles


By Buro247

These illustrations will trump all your colouring books

If you love those funky, psychedelic, mind-numbing, intricate doodles in those colouring books that are all the craze, you’re going to love artist Yellena James’ illustrative works. Based in the US, James has designed numerous patterns and illustrations for companies and brands.


Using pens, inks, markers and acrylic paints, James’ artwork boasts burst s of calming colours that resemble undersea corals, as if you were floating past them on a mystical trip of some sort.

“My latest works further explore the intricate and delicate forms of an imaginary ecosystem, twisting and floating together in an alluring environment,” James says in her bio. “I attempt to create an ethereal place which is hypnotically familiar yet hauntingly exotic, adding tiny little details in a sort of compulsive meditation, until a perfect balance is created.”

More of James’ artwork and portfolio can be viewed on her website, where she also sells prints. 


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