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10 Instagram accounts to follow for some major #homeinspo


By Su Fen Tan

10 Instagram accounts to follow for some major #homeinspo

Benjamin Vandiver | @benjaminvandiver

Nashville-based designer Benjamin Vandiver has a distinctively modern and elegant style, and his dazzling roster of clients include Hayden Panettiere and Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill. His feed is a mix of his own projects and his inspirations.

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Scandinavian Homes | @scandinavianhomes

The perfect account for the Scandinavian design lovers. A Stockholm based interior stylist, the work by Scandinavian Homes is the stuff of monochromatic and modern minimalist dreams. 

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Homepolish | @homepolish

An interior design collective, Homepolish’s feed features their wide range of projects—from clean, minimal spaces to rooms with vivid pops of colour.

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Interior Hints | @interiorhints

Take a hint from this lush compilation of interiors for a cosy and beautiful living space, which seems to be the running theme here, whether the space is bright and airy or set in regal dark hues.

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Anthropologie | @anthropologie

So it’s not a 100% ID feed, seeing that Anthropologie is a fashion, home furnishing and décor retailer, but when you do get a #homeinspo update here, it usually induces major interior envy. Besides, their non-ID shots are a joy to look at as well.

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Architectural Digest | @archdigest

Trust the Architectural Digest for your daily dose of ID crush. They don’t just feature incredible interior, but also plenty of stunning architectural stuctures.

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Plants In Décor@plantsindecor

In love with the greenery that nature has to offer and wished you could incorporate it in your home? Plants In Decor will show you how to do so.

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Interior Milk | @interiormilk

A lot of the interiors curated by this account have an urban rustic air to them—making it our go-to #homeinspo for charming interiors.

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The Modern House | @themodernhouse

The Modern House may be selling Britain’s most exceptional living spaces, but it also curates some of the most amazing houses around the world for its House of the Day feature.

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Urbanwalls | @urbanwalls

For those who love a serving of print in their home, turn to Urbanwalls, whose range of wall decals cater to a plethora of themes that will give your living space a unique character.

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