#MondayMontage: Architectural wonders

Concrete captures

#MondayMontage: Architectural wonders
Bringing inanimate buildings to life on our screens in the most aesthetically pleasing ways

We love how these Instagram accounts bring us (virtually) to places we've never been by capturing the beauty of each city/building through their artistic lenses. From swirling stairwells to iconic landmarks of grandeur, they present architectural sights in ways that are just captivating.


1. Nicanor Garcia

Architect and photographer Nicanor Garcia hails from sunny Barcelona. Making windows on the face of a building look like works of art, he renders urban photography relatable by incorporating the relationship of the streets, buildings, and people in cities into his work effortlessly.


2. Timmy

Stairs seem to be the mainstay in the feed of this Hong Kong based interior designer, and his gallery is a fascinating layout of monochromatic hues—a clean and calming aesthetic that makes it all the more impressive seeing that they were captured in the bustling city of Hong Kong. 


3. Paolo @ Freepy

An architect and lover of Paris, Paolo portrays his love for the city in romantic and sometimes unconventional snaps of rooftops and the iconic Eiffel Tower. He finds shelter in lines, but sometimes compromises a break with a portrait or two, and they are lovely all the same.

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