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Five hacks to make your DIY gift-wrapping look professional

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By Buro247

Five hacks to make your DIY gift-wrapping look professional

If you’ve spent a reasonable amount of effort on your gifts this year, it’s only natural that you would want to present them in the best way possible. Many who think they don’t have the creative spark to wrap gifts beautifully may opt for the gift-wrapping counter. But wrapping gifts that would earn you an appreciative mention on the likes of Instagram or Pinterest isn’t actually all that difficult. Just follow these hacks to get started: 

Hack 1: Box everything

Putting everything in boxes takes care of half the trouble of wrapping a gift. This way, there are no weird corners sticking out, or asymmetrical shapes that cause unsightly creases in your wrapping. This also makes it easier to stack and arrange your gifts under the Christmas tree – and it looks nicer too. 

Hack 2: Plain wrapping paper

Santa and snowman motifs on wrapping paper have expired and belong in the 90s. Want to make your gift look professional? Less is more. Your safest bet is brown wrapping paper – of if you must, single coloured paper without any motifs.

Hack 3: Double-sided tape

Tape the undersides of your wrapping paper, instead of simply taping over the folds. The lack of visible tape looks more professional and elegant. It’s the same reason why the seams of your clothes are all hidden on the underside of the material.

Hack 4: Use twine and ribbons

These are the elements that make your gift look like one that’s worthy to be given. Want to keep to a cool, minimalist, rustic design? Twine or plain white or brown strings can do wonders. For a more festive finish, go for ribbons in plain colours of red, white or gold (or green, if you want your present to appear “darker”). Simple motifs can be cute, but don’t overdo it with those fancy ribbons that may clash with your wrapping paper. Your safest bet is still twine, or stick to those simple silky ribbons; these are also your most affordable options too. 

Hack 5: When all else fails, paper bag it

It seems too simple to feel genuine, but bagging your gift in a nice paper bag is an easy way to go. There are lots of those on sale at gift shops and supermarkets, or if you want to add more personalised touches, go (again) for brown bags or plain ones. Just double-tape the top shut, and attach a simple ribbon – or twine – to the handles, along with a gift card or gift tag.  


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