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A glimpse into the mind of Jim Carrey the artist

Multi-faceted artiste


By Su Fen Tan

A glimpse into the mind of Jim Carrey the artist

Jim Carrey has made us laugh (The Mask, Bruce Almighty and so many more) and cry (how can we forget Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?) as the actor and comedian that we’ve come to know him to be, but a new short documentary that was recently released on Vimeo gives us a glimpse at a different side of Carrey—the life of Jim Carrey as the artist. 


In the short documentary Jim Carrey: I Needed Color, we get a brief look at Carrey’s life in his art studio, where all the magic happens. He started painting six years ago, when he was trying to heal a broken heart.


“When you’re falling in love, you’re floating, weightless,” says Carrey, showing a more vulnerable side in the documentary. “But when you lose that love, you have to re-enter the atmosphere and it can be pretty rough, because you’re just bouncing off one molecule and onto the next, rippin’ through them at such a pace that they just ignite and explode, until you find another heart that’s doing the same thing, has landed and cooled, and then you start to float again.”


Watch the six-minute documentary here:


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