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5 Arty speakers to jazz up your home for the New Year

Crank it up audiophiles!


By Gwen Ong

5 Arty speakers to jazz up your home for the New Year

Music makes everything infinitely better, agree? Thus, the interior of the home can only be made sweeter with a speaker that brings out its stylish characteristics. To play the soundtrack of your life, choose a speaker that has both aesthetic value and also great sound quality. A peek around the Internet yielded up some art décor options that can turn even the safest monochromatic home into a cool space. Check it out:


Beosound 2 by Bang & Olufsen

Music that can be projected 360 degrees? The conical design of the Beosound 2 makes sure that you get an immersive sound experience. We’re loving the sleek elegant look of the latest Cool Modern Collection with brass tone that complements the contemporary home. 


Sony LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker

Is it a lamp or a speaker? How about both? The Sony LSPX-S1 is a portable two-in-one device that emits a soft light and clear sound so you can carry it from the living room to the outdoors for all your soiree needs. The dimness of the integrated LED light can be controlled from your phone. It has a standby time of about four hours. 


Google Home

Currently on sale only in the US, this nifty device is a smart assistant for the home. Think of it as a private butler if you may. The Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth speaker is powered by Google Assistant, so with the voice command you can get Google Home to play your favourite music, check on traffic and suggest new places to eat.


The Copenhagen by Vifa

For fans of simple, classy Nordic design, the Copenhagen weaves refined craftsmanship in looks and sounds. Place this on the bookshelf and enjoy a soothing afternoon curl up on the sofa. The stylish loudspeaker that is shaped like a mini boombox is capable of about five hours of music playback.


Mu-so Qb by Naim Audio

Don’t let the compact cube size fool you; the Mu-so Qb packs a punch with its speaker and woofer combined to give you 300 watts of power. Though the standard Mu-so Qb comes with a black speaker grille, you can customise it with other striking shades like blue, orange and red to suit your living space. 


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