Wearable tech: 5 Glamorous headphones

Wearable tech: 5 Glamorous headphones

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Headphones are not only a travel essential and public commute companion, they are also an underrated accessory.

Nothing is worse than spending hours planning an outfit and having your look ruined by putting on chunky headphones that just look drab. Thankfully, more quality headphone makers are coming to their senses by adding a fashionable flair into their designs. Here are our top 5 picks. 


1. Monster’s Diamond Tears

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Created in collaboration with multi-talented engineer, songwriter, producer and actor JYP, these headphones are made to deliver diamond-like audio performance to its user — with clarity and precision. The edgy look of these headphones will certainly captivate onlookers and is a classy way to bedazzle any outfit. 


2. Frends’ Taylor Headphones

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You’ve probably seen your favourite supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Margaux Brooke, and Naila Nazer sporting one of these elegant headphones. Handcrafted with genuine leather and a classy cut on the ear caps that are interchangeable with other fashion forward designs to complement your look. 


3. Bloc and Roc’s Galvanize S1

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These sturdy headphones are crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium steel, memory foam, and soft leather to give it a premium feel. But if you’re feeling more luxurious, go for the ones with the rose gold or 24k gold plated speaker chambers. Because we all know that gold will never go out of style.              


4. Molami’s Plica

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We love how minimalistic and simple the Plica headphones are. Gently wrapped in soft nappa leather with simple metallic accents, these headphones are ideal for everyday wear and its discreet and slim design makes it even more desirable. 


5. Urbanears’ Plattan ADV Wireless

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Probably worse than wearing unfashionable headphones is being caught trying to untangle knotted cords. These beautifully simple single-coloured headphones are wireless and the first Bluetooth headphones in the classic Urbanears line-up. Choose from 13 different colours to find one that matches your personality best.