#HomeInspo: Agate homeware to elevate your living space

#HomeInspo: Agate homeware to elevate your living space

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Text: Su Fen Tan

A selection of 10 agate creations to give your home a quartz allure

According to luxury interior designer Katharine Pooley, jewel tones are trending in the design world—if it's designer approved, we're on it. In fact, why not take it one step further and consider actual stones to jazz up the living space? 

Our rock of choice: agate. A type of semi-precious gemstone from the quartz family, agate takes form in a variety of lovely colours and patterns, making it quite the statement centrepiece. It is also believed to have healing properties, with a balancing energy that helps to soothe and calm the aura. 


Below, we've curated a list of agate creations that will make for beautiful additions to the living space. Don't worry, we only included items that ship to Malaysia—so shop away!