7 Minutes with model, actress and TV host, Lynn Lim

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7 Minutes with model, actress and TV host, Lynn Lim

Her svelte physique and chameleon-like versatility makes her a firm favourite amongst stylists and editors, but it is her endearing personality that has placed her in the heart of the industry. A budding actress and the new host of NTV’s lifestyle programme, Chic! has her star shining even brighter in days of late.


During our recent ride about town on the Buro Double Decker, we had the pleasure of watching Lynn do her thing as she brought her crew along on our excursion. Between takes of the very special episode of Chic! Season 2, which our prelude to #BuroTurnsTwo will appear on, we stole seven minutes of the doe-eyed darling’s time and found out more on her recent endeavours, aspirations for the years to come and even snagged a few beauty tips while we were at it.



In three short years, you’ve gone from modelling between assignments and joining a beauty pageant to becoming a full-time presence in the fashion and entertainment industry. Was the transition difficult to manage?

The most challenging part of the job, I would say, is adapting my personality traits to television. I’m not the most expressive person by nature and I’m still learning be more spontaneous and eloquent on screen. This applies most to my hosting gig, as the show requires me to improvise as I go because it is completely unscripted, unlike acting.


Could you share a little on how you got started as an actress and where you see this path leading you?

After my very first role as a police woman in a drama series, I was chosen as one of NTV7’s Top 10 artistes and that opened doors for many different opportunities. I have since played characters that range from a miserable, lowly “bar girl” to an educated Nyonya lady in a Peranakan period piece. As someone who has never been to school for the creative arts nor taken a course in drama, acting, to me, is creating real emotion to apply even to things I’ve never experienced before. 

As for a goal, albeit unrealistic, I would love to one day star beside Kevin Spacey. It’s a dream. Truly though, in five years’ time, it would be if people saw my name and thought, “She’s a great actress.”


You look like you’re having a ball of a time hosting Chic! so far. Tell us why people should get on board and tune in for the upcoming episodes of Season 2.

It’s time to get really excited because this season, we are exploring all kinds of places people don’t actually know exist in Malaysia. I’ll also be attempting all kinds of extreme outdoor activities like flying an airplane. But just to make sure there is a balance, we’re definitely slotting in some time for nice restaurants and fine wine on the show.


What was your most memorable experience during the filming of the series?

I’m afraid of heights and one time, the producer asked me to jump off the cliff into the water. I spent 30 minutes yelling “No,” and holding on to a tree for dear life. I finally did it with the encouragement of the crowd of people cheering for me from below (Also, it would have been too embarrassing to have chickened out).



Are you one for more easy going activities, then? What’s your ideal travel destination?

I’d actually love to explore Antartica—so much untouched beauty and it’s really one of those places you have to see to believe…As long as there’s no cliff jumping involved, of course.


How do you juggle all your responsibilities while maintaining room for personal time?

Honestly speaking, I do have to sacrifice sleep and depend on a stream of caffeine on some days to be able to stay on top of everything. But I always make sure I get some “me” time in; even if that’s while I’m driving. I like driving to work alone because I have space all to myself to think, practise scripts, yell, sing, give myself pep talks or just have a good cry.


You’re undoubtedly working long hours over extended periods of time but your skin always looks flawless. Any tips to share?

It’s simple: Always stay hydrated and before piling on the makeup, be sure to mask.


We see you rocking many glamorous outfits at events all the time. How would you describe your personal style? And if somebody would want to cop the “Lynn Lim look”, what are five pieces of clothing you’d suggest for them to nail it?

I’m quite laidback when I’m off-duty. All you need to steal my look are a white tee, jeans, and white sneakers (preferably slightly worn-in and scuffed-up). But if I’m trying to dress up and still look effortless, I like a chic pair of wide-legged pants. Jumpsuits are my go-to, too!



We hear you’re from Penang—do you, like most Penangites, think that food from your hometown is the best in the world? How do you indulge in all the wonderful food while keeping your fit figure?

I do think that Penang has some of the best food in the world but at the same time I can’t deny that it’s possibly because I’ve been biased towards it since I was born. 

Believe it or not, polishing three bowls of rice or three bowls of noodles was common for me at every meal a while back! Now that I’ve reached the age of 28, I cannot take my metabolism for granted anymore; I cut down on a lot of carbs and exercise at least twice a week. [Lynn pouts].


Lastly, maybe you could give us a Buro 24/7 Malaysia exclusive… What is a hidden talent you have that not many people know about?

I make killer Tabasco chicken wings. But for some reason, everyone who has tried my dish would remain silent for few minutes after eating it.


Watch out for the episode of ‘Chic!’ Season 2 that will feature all the shenanigans that took place on our Buro Double Decker bus and more on Friday, 25 August at 9.30pm.



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