10 Easy party décor ideas that you can totally DIY


By Gwen Ong

10 Easy party décor ideas that you can totally DIY


Birthdays, bridal showers, housewarming…whatever the occasion calls for, we’re pretty sure you can execute one of these DIY projects at home. Inspired by our upcoming #BuroTurnsThree celebration, we’ve found these beautiful party ideas that will make your bash a memorable one. Let’s get crafty!


1. Chic centrepiece


Every table needs a centrepiece and if you like something understated yet fun, try placing your favourite flower in a waffle cone in a tall glass. It works with a flute glass too for the elegant effect. Tip – you can also replace the rose with some marshmallows, popcorn, chocolates and more ­to keep famished guests happy.


2. Floral charm


To give your home a delightful enchantment, there’s nothing better than flowers. Not only will these look pretty, the flowers will also leave your space feeling and smelling fresh. Take this up a notch by stringing some charms, beads or tassels and loop it around the vase or recycled bottle.


3. Background décor


At every birthday bash or bridal shower, there is always a go-to table that your guests can grab food, drinks, etc from. Thus, it is a good idea to make the backdrop a bit more exciting. You can string cute party streamers from one corner to the other, hang makeshift DIY photo blinds, or just make a simple watercolour ‘wallpaper’ like above.


4. Drinks cart


What’s a party without some drinks to get the merrymaking started, right? Dedicate a corner of the room with essentials such as fresh ice, soda, cocktail shaker, napkins, shot glasses, etc for guests to help themselves. Dress up the cart with some tissue paper flowers and streamers – YouTube is your best friend!


5. Ice bucket


Don’t have a cart? But don’t want to leave your guests dry either? How about an ice bucket with your best selection of bubblies? And instead of just regular ice, be extra – freeze your ice tray with flowers to give the cubes a beautiful touch. Trust us, the visual appeal increases ten folds. Did someone say Insta-worthy?


6. Thematic corner


Popcorns are a party staple that will appeal to both adults and kids. Set up a popcorn station with different flavours in both sweet and savoury options – label them with printout tags or write them out in your own handwriting for a personal touch. You can also set out other snacks like pretzels, almonds, peanuts, etc.


7. Table setting


First tip to setting your table is to pick an inspiration. Next is to focus on the little details. Sure, big floral bouquets always work in any setting but sometimes the decoration can just be a cluster of candle votive or a few pots of succulents, like the above. Note: Whatever you choose, always keep the arrangements low so guests can interact with each other.


8. Celebratory balloons


A party never seems complete without some balloons. Get some to match your theme or in your favourite colour scheme and then mix it up. Pick one or two of these balloons as statement pieces and give them a different spin by tying a piece of tulle over them or sticking some confetti or glitter on.


9. Photo wall


Every party should have a photo wall where your friends and family can go wild and take pictures that you can look back and laugh at. It doesn’t need to be elaborately decorated, just string some lollipops against a cardboard individually and voila! You can also give these out as party favours at the end of the night. Win!


10. Party favours


If you’d like to gift your guests with a token of appreciation, consider a pun-ny one. Guaranteed to put a smile on the face! You just need to print out the tags – see some cool templates here – and bag your goodies. You can never go wrong with sweet treats but consider some healthier alternatives if you’re concerned.


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