Valentine’s Day 2023: Grooming gifts he doesn’t know he needs

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Valentine’s Day 2023: Grooming gifts he doesn’t know he needs

Are you ready to transform your man from rugged to refined? In our latest gift guide for Valentine’s Day, find all the grooming gift ideas you could ever need.

PSA: It’s time to quit manifesting the man you want and simply bring him into existence instead. Rather than passive-aggressive digs at his zero-step skincare routine and his questionable shower rituals, try gifting him the tools he needs to succeed.

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Specifically, if you want him to start conditioning his hair and start using retinol, it’s high time you take matters into your own hands and point him in the right direction. After all, it’s not like he can read your mind!

Think about it—he’ll never know otherwise. That’s why we’ve curated the perfect grooming gift guide, full of beauty necessities that he doesn’t know he needs yet. Happy shopping!


Something to save his skin…

If there is any universal truth about men, it’s that practicality comes first. Unless their routines can be streamlined into one neat little package, they’re not interested.

Fortunately, there are plenty of skincare nuggets that do some real heavy lifting when it comes to multitasking, such as Supergoop!’s new launch that combines anti-ageing bakuchiol-powered SPF; the barrier-repairing Kiehl’s Ultra-Facial Advanced Repair Barrier Cream; Hermès Beauté’s blemish-busting, nature-infused, hydrating moisturiser; and Aēsop’s soothing and balancing post-shave lotion.

Something to brighten up his peepers…

Do you want him to look at you like you’re the only thing in that world that matters? You’re going to have to hook him up with some heavy-duty eye care.

Talika’s Eye Therapy Patches will help to depuff and brighten his eyes while Caudalie’s Premier Cru Eye Cream works to smooth the area so that he can focus his revitalised gaze on you.

Something to get his lips juicy and kissable…

Tired of kissing sandpaper? Of grazing his cracked, rough lips? Take matters into your own hands and give him everything he needs for smoother, softer, and more smoochable lips.

With OleHenriksen’s peptide-packed lip treatment, Frank Body’s lip scrub, Sisley’s ultra-nutritive lip balm and Fresh’s super-softening lip balm at his disposal, there’s no excuse for crusty lips.

Something to revamp his bathing ritual…

Tired of his eight-in-one shampoo-cum-conditioner-cum-body-wash-cum-etc? Firstly, get your mind out of the gutter. Secondly, we’ve got just the thing.

From Drunk Elephant’s gentle, creamy body cleanser to Briogeo’s scalp-caring set and Grown Alchemist’s hand care must-have, he’ll be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time.

Something to boost his hair game…

Friendly reminder: You’re the one who has to go out with your beau on date night, so if you don’t want his hair in a rat’s nest for the evening, you might consider sprucing up his hair routine with these hairstyling staples.

From Jack Black’s (yes, that Jack Black) lightweight styling pomade to Schwarzkopf Professional’s Osis+ Dry Shampoo Foam, he’ll be looking sharp as a tack in no time.

Something to calm his senses…

Chances are that your man needs a break once in a while, so give him the gift of pure sensorial bliss in his space. Whether he’s lighting up a candle or spraying his pillow down with slumber-inducing scents, he’ll appreciate the ambience.

Something to give his natural beauty an extra oomph…

This may be a little out of the box, but consider this—lip tints and brow wax for your man. And, if you’re feeling bold, you could even steer him in the direction of a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen!

Why? To help him on his way to a more put-together, well-groomed look. Here are some of BURO boys’ tried-and-tested favourites to shop:


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