The New Bob to Sport Now

Hair, meet coolest bob ever

The New Bob to Sport Now
It’s one of the the hottest styles of all time, but finding your perfect cut and length can prove to be tricky. Here’s the lowdown on the new It-bob to consider before you go for the chop

Bob-seekers rejoice! The latest Autumn/Winter shows prove that bobs are still the hottest ticket in hairdo and it isn't going anywhere. What we love is the new wave of bold-retro, punk-blunt variation that go right below the ears. No half ways, just a straight-up super short and chic cut. Go ahead, you know you want to...

The Angled Undercut Bob

The New Bob to Sport Now (фото 1)

Traffic-stopping and sharply angled, the bob du jour as seen at Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015-2016 was the handiwork of none other than renowned hair genius Sam McKnight. The severe A-line crop grazes the top of the ear and ends just at the apples of the cheeks and while it may not work for every hair texture, it's the perfect style makeover for the heat and humidity that we have in abundance here.

Tip: Ask your stylist to keep hair a little longer at the back to ease the growing out process. For every day wear, try parting it to the side or adding volume and texture using styling products for a runway-to-realway touch.

 The New Faux Bobs 

The New Bob to Sport Now (фото 2)

If you've been holding your breath at the thought of getting the chop, there's the faux bob alternative you can always look at and call it a day, until you're ready for the plunge. At Julien David, faux bobs stepped up with a retro spin for an edgy-glam look, while Max Mara showcased more relaxed and messy 'dos, which were all style, sans the commitment - decisions, decisions...

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