#Coachella2016: All the pretty hair looks we're crushing on

Braidy bunch

#Coachella2016: All the pretty hair looks we're crushing on
Move over flower crowns. Coachella 2016's trending hair looks are all about braids, bandanas and bleached (or bold-hued) tresses

Let's be real—the only time when you feel like it's apt to try out an elaborate fishtail/double Dutch braid that probably will result in knotted fingers likely happens once a year (or never, for some of us). But if you're Coachella-traipsing virtually this and next weekend, just know that braids are seriously the biggest thing to hit the boho/hippie beauty bandwagon this season. A slew of A-listers and bloggers showed off their envy-inducing hair looks on Instagram this past weekend, so here's to getting motivated with tackling that braided 'do that you've always wanted to sport:


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