14 Beauty TikTok accounts you need to follow right now

14 Beauty TikTok accounts you need to follow right now

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Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Image: Instagram: Michelle Phan
Image: TikTok: @iidc/@nailartistkim/@5krisi

Whether you're looking for speedy tutorials or satisfying beauty porn (disclaimer: not actual porn), these 14 TikTok stars are here to deliver.

In case you missed the news (and if you have—where have you been!?), 'Tik Tok' no longer refers to the 2009 party anthem by Ke$ha. No, it's more than that now—it has been reappropriated, reworked and reimagined into the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. Also known as the Vine that actually could (RIP Vine), it's the new destination for short-form videos that capture anything from memes to dance and, of course, beauty trends.

Yep, TikTok has taken the internet by storm and, by the looks of it, the beauty industry too. Before you pass judgement, rest assured that for every cringey TikTok, there is a plethora of good content too, with plenty of it being perfect for any beauty enthusiasts out there. From makeup tutorials made for people with short attention spans to product reviews to satisfying ASMR and even skincare advice, there are a lot of reasons to love the app.

Of course, if you're already an avid TikTok user, you don't need any convincing—perhaps only a little guidance towards more beauty content. So, without further ado, here are 14 of our favourite beauty creators on the app right now:


For what can only be described as beauty porn, follow Marlene Fischer as she takes you through *extreme* closeup shots of her incredibly satisfying beauty routine.


For beauty reaction videos and much more, look to Hyram–the YouTuber has expanded his social platform to TikTok where he is continuing to spread his much-revered skincare knowledge.


The London-based hair salon has taken TikTok as their latest conquest in their journey towards total social media domination. Follow them for all things hair–from wacky transformations against bangin' tunes to satisfying product pours, they have it all!


This beauty guru is a cut above the rest; from super extra looks to your SFX makeup fix and even nifty tips and tricks, he does it all (and does it fabulously).


For intricate and jaw-dropping nail art videos to pass the time (and keep you satisfied), look no further than this TikTok account. With video after video of absolute art filling her feed, it's no wonder she's already cultivated 2.8M followers on the app (and counting!). The best part? If you'd like to recreate her nail looks, all of her tutorials are on YouTube!


Also known as the OG Beau-tuber and living legend, Michelle Phan is back in full force, armed with her strong background in beauty and a TikTok. Watch her attempt some silly makeup challenges, share her skincare routine and review her favourite (and not-so favourite) products. 


The makeup artist and beauty product photographer shares her opinions on all things beauty, giving you her honest take on products to keep, products to purge and what you're paying for when you buy luxury.


For fun and whimsical designs, you can rely on Gabby Morris to deliver. In addition to her TikTok, she has a YouTube channel that has loads of instructional videos to help you get your DIY nail game up to par.


This influencer has her fingers in many pies with her feed displaying comedy and fashion TikToks, but her beauty TikToks are by far the main star of the show. Follow her for nifty tricks as well as fun beauty secrets!


For fresh makeup looks and colourful videos, look no further than Krisi. As a self-proclaimed beginner, she takes us through her makeup journey one 'Tok at a time.


A vibrant personality and countless hair and makeup tutorials make Bria a must-follow on TikTok. Granted, she's not exclusively a beauty blogger as her content has a little fashion and pop culture thrown in here and there, but honestly the beauty content still slaps the hardest.


The industry is all about finding your niche, and TikTok's Yulya has certainly done just that. For lots of satisfying videos that show her doing up her plump pout, look no further than here.


Andrea's TikToks consist of anything under the sun, including makeup ASMR, beauty tips, organisation tips and more–a must-follow for any beauty enthusiast.


This skincare specialist's TikTok is full of great tips and tricks to get your skin looking flawless af. From DIY facials to product recommendations, she really does it all.

So, which are you favourite TikTok beauty bloggers? Did we get them all?