Meet Your New Serum Foundation

Makeup just got (a lot) smarter


By Terry Saw

Meet Your New Serum Foundation

Cue the new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40, RM195 – just the name itself gives away what a hard little worker it is. Bobbi’s latest addition is set to shake up the foundation scene beginning with a promise (in her very own words) that it will change your skin – inside and out.

This luxe hybrid foundation is infused with skincare and makeup benefits, and is super-charged with serum ingredients including Cordyceps Mushroom (one of the most powerful tonics in traditional Chinese medicine), radiant-restoring Bamboo Grass and moisturising Lychee extracts, which all in all, makes keeping your game face (and makeup) on all day, a little more worthwhile.

Kate Upton

And if you’re already a fan of the naturally flawless look that is Bobbi’s signature, this ultra-lightweight lotion will deliver just that through its skin-tone correcting pigments and no, it isn’t too much to ask for all-day freshness – its natural deep sea ferment locks moisture in your skin, so you’ll be set for the day – and did we mention its standout level of SPF40 coverage? You’re welcome.

Enjoy a complimentary ‘Secret to Perfect Skin’ makeup lesson in conjunction with this launch. Click here for more details and to schedule your appointment. 

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