How Clarins’ new Precious range is fighting against oxy-inflammageing

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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How Clarins’ new Precious range is fighting against oxy-inflammageing

Clarins’ new range is a milestone in anti-ageing tech—here’s the magic ingredient behind the revolutionary new Precious line.

In our fast-paced world, our skin is constantly under attack. Whether it be from UV rays and pollution from the environment or stress and poor lifestyle choices, the potential aggressors come in many forms. Worse yet, these stressors contribute to 80 per cent of the signs of skin ageing as the continuous microaggressions work to weaken our skin’s defences.

It does this through two mechanisms: oxidative stress (read: the overproduction of cell-damaging free radicals) and inflammation. Both mechanisms feed into one another in a cycle called oxy-inflammaging—essentially, oxidative stress leads to inflammation which then exacerbates the effects of oxidative stress, eventually accelerating skin ageing.

It’s a process that has catastrophic effects on one’s complexion, from sagging to discolouration and beyond. Fortunately, one brand has discovered a way to turn back the clock. “Youth in a jar”—it sounds like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not so far-fetched. Introducing Clarins’ new, anti-ageing Precious range. Promising softer, smoother and younger-looking skin, the Precious skincare line is packed with potent anti-ageing essentials that preserve the youthful radiance of the complexion. 

So, how does it work? Ahead, we delve into the powerhouse ingredient behind the all-new anti-ageing Clarins Precious range and introduce the full line.


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The secret behind Clarins’ Precious skincare line 

The range strikes the ideal balance between botanical beauty and scientific innovation, and it’s powered by the incredibly rare Moonlight Flower. The ingredient is a natural extract rich in gallic acid, a powerful soothing antioxidant molecule that preserves youthful lustre and strengthens the skin from within. 

There’s just one catch—unlike any other flower in the world, the Moonlight Flower blooms just once a year. To complicate things, the flowers must be harvested within a two-hour time frame, when they are at their height of beauty and molecular richness. More complicated still, the blooms immediately have to undergo an ultra-cold process where they are frozen at -196º to preserve the fragile molecules. Only through a natural cryoextraction process can the precious extract of the Moonlight Flower be yielded. But, all the effort is well worth it for this rare ingredient—its benefits to the skin are unmatched.


buro malaysia clarins precious skincare


How the Moonlight Flower turns back the clock on your skin

Long story short: The mysterious flower has the amazing capacity to stimulate the skin’s longevity protein within the heart of its cells. How? Through intensive research in partnership with the Scientific Centre in Monaco, Clarins ethnobotanists have discovered the secret behind the bloom’s remarkable ability, and it lies within our oceans. 

Known to live for several hundred years, the stylophora pistillata coral’s prolonged life comes down to the overexpression of one incredible protein, FOXO. Heralded as “the guardian of the skin’s youth”, it controls and activates the skin’s defence mechanisms to better protect it. The exceptional Moonlight Flower can reactivate FOXO within the skin’s cells, stopping oxy-inflammaging in its tracks and restoring the skin’s youthful qualities.

Plus, Clarins Research has also developed a way to enhance and amplify the preventative action of the Moonlight Flower with a peptide trio that fights the signs of ageing. Thus, the Clarins Precious Skin Age-Delaying Technology comes to fruition, tackling the signs of premature ageing one line at a time.


buro malaysia clarins precious skincare


Discover the Clarins Precious collection:

Clarins Precious La Crème

The highlight of the collection, Clarins Precious La Crème envelops the skin in a luxurious veil that works to plump, tone, and smooth the skin to leave a natural, healthy-looking glow. Plus, it’s a sensorial treat, fragranced with a subtle blend of vanilla, peony and woody musk, reminiscent of the Moonlight Flower’s scent.


Clarins Precious Le Sérum 

Another highlight in the range, this serum firms the skin to lift the features and firm up contours in the face, boosts radiance, smoothes texture and tones the complexion. All it takes is a few drops on the face and neck with each application. Its gorgeous, soft cream-gel texture fuses with skin, melting on contact and absorbing quickly to leave a light, velvety veil with no stickiness. It’s the perfect companion for your gua sha ritual.


Clarins Precious L’outil

This massage tool is here to enhance the results of the Clarins Precious La Crème. Designed to emulate the hand’s anatomy, the tool hugs all parts of the face to allow for the perfect massage step. 


Clarins Precious La Mousse Doucé Nettoyante

This facial cleanser is effective and gentle, lathering to create a rich, smooth foam that lifts away impurities and makeup effortlessly. When rinsed, it leaves the skin soft and clean but never tight or stripped.


Clarins Precious La Lotion

Created to deeply hydrate, soften and plump the skin before the serum and cream step, this lotion is made with the extract of the leaf of life and acerola seed extract for maximum radiance.


Clarins Precious La Crème Rich

For those with dry or mature skin, La Crème Riche is a match made in heaven. Formulated to be richer and creamier than La Crème, it’s infused with camellia oil, plant-derived triglycerides and biomimetic skin triglycerides to nourish the skin intensely.


La Crème Yeux

La Crème Yeux is a correcting cream formulated for the most fragile area of the face—the eyes. It has been created to smooth and brighten the eye contour, firm and strengthen the delicate skin around your peepers and revive tired eyes.


Le Protecteur UV Revitalisant SPF50 PA++++

This protective sunscreen works to protect, hydrate and illuminate the skin in one easy step. Its gorgeous formulation is easily absorbed, leaving a delicate protective veil on the skin. Better yet, it’s exclusive to Asia!


Clarins Precious is available to shop here. For more beauty reads like this, click here.

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