Exclusive: Daiyan Trisha and Sean Lee on their new Kiehl's campaign, 'Future Made Better'

Exclusive: Daiyan Trisha and Sean Lee on their new Kiehl's campaign, 'Future Made Better'

Save the turtles!

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

The latest campaign from Kiehl's Malaysia will inspire you to do better

Kiehl's Malaysia took over the Centre Court today to launch its new campaign, 'Future Made Better'. The campaign comes in collaboration with WWF Malaysia and details the brand's ongoing initiatives with regard to their conservation efforts. 

The new campaign video, 'Turtles Do Like Us', stars local KOLs Daiyan Trisha and Sean Lee and brings the brand's turtle conservation plight to light—watch it below:

As the video explains, turtles have become more endangered in recent years, and to do their part, both Kiehl's and WWF Malaysia have pledged their commitment to saving the turtles by:

  1. Combating plastic pollution
  2. Patrolling and monitoring nesting beaches
  3. Donating RM140,000 to WWF-Malaysia for their turtle conservation efforts in Tun Mustapha Park, Sabah.

We had a chat with Kiehl's ambassadors and campaign stars Daiyan Trisha and Sean Lee to learn more about their involvement with the campaign, as well as their best tips for sustainable living. Find our full video exclusive below!

There are two initiatives within the 'Future Made Better' campaign, with the first initiative being 'Kiehl's Does'—an account of what the brand is currently doing to achieve their overarching goal. This includes formulating products with 98 per cent renewable ingredients, using minimal waste packaging, closing the chain with their 'Recycle and Be Rewarded' programme, and more.

The second initiative is 'Kiehl's Gives', which includes the brand's company-wide philanthropic commitments. According to the brand, they have supported 137 charitable organisations through 213 local initiatives since 2015, all of which have gone to foster positive social and environmental change.

To learn more about the new campaign, check out their pop-up space at Pavilion KL or check out their website.

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