Kanebo Chrono Beauty: The new way to impart daily goodness to your skin

Kanebo Chrono Beauty: The new way to impart daily goodness to your skin

All day everyday

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Kanebo's new range (and look) makes a case for having an effective daily beauty ritual down pat

Did you know your daily rhythm is just as essential to ensure your skin is radiant in the long run, apart from your weekly skincare routine that usually involves exfoliation and a face mask? For Japanese beauty brand Kanebo, the daily rhythm is perhaps the most important part of one's skincare regimen apart from monthly and yearly rhythms. Its new skincare lineup (aptly named Chrono Beauty) is all about ensuring your day and nighttime skincare routine is tailored to cope with environmental factors.


"In the afternoon, the T-zone gets oilier because your face is more active; but at night, water depletes from your face over the night. Hence why your skin feels dry when you wake up in the morning," says Kanebo regional trainer Jaime Chan.


With botanical complexes as its key active ingredients, Kanebo's Chrono Beauty skincare range is all about imparting hydration and radiance to your skin before you even need to worry about anti-ageing treatments. Here's a look at its new game-players:

Kanebo's cleansing options are aplenty-whether you love to go sans makeup or fully made-up, there's something for everyone from this range. Try Kanebo Softening Cream Cleansing to gently remove your makeup as you massage it on your face. And if you prefer oil-based makeup removers, Kanebo Mellow Rich Oil Cleansing will be up your alley-it doesn't leave an oily residue, despite its efficient manner of removing all traces of makeup. Cleanse your face with Kanebo Refreshing Creamy Wash right after by lathering it up into a foam for a refreshing (and squeaky clean) finish.

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Kanebo The First Serum is pretty much the first product to be used right after cleansing. Its purpose is solely to ensure that the following beneficial stuff you're going to apply on your face will be absorbed efficiently into the skin. "Patting on lotion and toner doesn't necessarily mean that it will fully absorb into the skin, hence the need for The First Serum to ensure your skin is soft and prepped enough for subsequent treatments," says Jaime. Its complex has a combination of loquat leaf extract, glycerin, watercress extract, along with a comforting tea flower scent.

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Once your skin is raring to go, Kanebo's Moisture Flow Lotion is your next go-to for a boost of moisturisation. With two options that offer different levels of richness according to skin preference, this lotion has a texture that isn't too rich or watered down-it melts rapidly into the skin and moisturized finish right after.

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"An emulsion is very important to balance out the water and oil composition in your skin," says Jaime. Hence the next step in this routine-Kanebo Bouncing Emulsion. If you worry over your skin's quick tendency to secrete sebum, this emulsion is what you need to rebalance the skin's moisture and oil balance. Also available in two options, the Bouncing Emulsion has a lighter texture for combination skin, whereas the Bouncing Rich Emulsion has a richer, melting texture for dry skin.

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The last step is to moisturise your skin, and Kanebo's Fresh Day and Night Lipid Creams are tailored for daytime and evening respectively. The Fresh Day Cream is infused with Althaea root and golden chamomile extract along with an exclusive formulation that leaves a moisturising film on your skin for 10 hours. It has got SPF15 to thoroughly protect your skin from UV rays as well. If the Fresh Day Cream is made to gently energise your senses with its tea-flower and herbal scent, the Night Lipid Cream does the opposite by leaving a "night velvet bouquet" fragrance for you to unwind after a long day out. Its 12-hour long hydration boost allows your skin to moisturise and repair while you get some shut-eye at night-talk about a truly custom-made regimen for major skin pampering.



Kanebo's Chrono Beauty range is now available at all Kanebo counters in departmental stores nationwide.