Celebeauty: JLo Beauty is officially coming soon, Ariana Grande's 'Austin Powers' beauty is an instant favourite

Celebeauty: JLo Beauty is officially coming soon, Ariana Grande's 'Austin Powers' beauty is an instant favourite

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Kylie Jenner's Grinch-themed collection was an instant sellout, Courteney Cox's microblading selfie is a good laugh and more news

The celebs really went all out with the looks this week—from Ariana Grande's Y2K twist on '70s beauty to Billie Eilish's coded manicure, there are lots of fun headlines to peruse. Plus, watch this space for all the juicy deets on JLo Beauty's launch!


This week in hair

Ariana Grande sports some of her best looks yet in her new Austin Powers-inspired music video

If you’re looking for a treat for the eyes, Ariana Grande’s brand new video for ‘34+35’ should be the first place you look. Not only will you find great visuals, you’ll also find some stellar looks! It’s best you see for yourself, but the ‘70s-esque femme bot hair and makeup is something to behold.

At one point, Grande sports a dramatic white graphic wing, complete with a sleek, voluminous high half-pony (as is her trademark). Her ‘scientist’ look—although wildly inappropriate for any professional research setting—would be a cute everyday look for work. The femme-bot look is wildly nostalgic too—the huge beehive and perfectly curled ends along with the pinky-perfect shadow-lip combo she’s wearing are instantly iconic.

Our personal favourite in the video, however, is the futuristic silver art-deco eye and metallic amethyst-purple lips on her Ex Machina-meets-Frankenstein-esque character. We’ll take six!

PS: You can see Grande’s many elusive tattoos very clearly in this video!


Bella Hadid goes vibrant red

The supermodel shared a short clip of her seemingly on the road, mask-on and makeup-free with a big surprise change. Sporting vibrant red-pink tresses, her new look caught us off guard. However, upon closer inspection, we are pretty confident that the 'dye job' is the work of an Instagram filter.

We're disappointed it's not real, but here is to hoping Bella feels inspired to undergo a big, ginger makeover sometime soon!


This week in makeup

FKA Twigs and Dua Lipa sport bold brows between them

The unlikely duo announced via Instagram that FKA Twigs was the special guest joining Lipa’s Studio 2054 livestream performance, a ‘brand-new multidimensional live experience’ that will take place from a warehouse. Along with that good news, they collectively showed off their incredible brows and flawless looks.

Twigs kept her face makeup-free this time around, while sporting a significantly lighter mop of curls (it looks like she is letting her familiar red dye wash out). Dua Lipa, on the other hand, paired her signature dramatic wing with what appears to be a taupe lip and enviably dewy skin.


Kylie Jenner drops a Grinch-themed collection

The beauty mogul has made a turn for the weird with this Christmas makeup collection. That said—we’re honestly into it. The entire collection consists of an eyeshadow stick set, a lipstick set, a matte lip kit, two lip glosses, one powder palette, one liquid eyeliner, two shimmery eye glazes, one highlighter and one blush.

While your first instinct may be to run for the hills at the thought of green lipstick, you’ll be pleased to find that the collection is pretty wearable. Along with olive-toned greens and frosty mints you’ll also see varying shades of red, pink and purple. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to score it, you’re out of luck as every single bundle and product has been completely sold out.


Courteney Cox shows us a behind-the-scenes look at the microblading process with a funny selfie

The actress captioned her funny snap with an equally funny caption, saying: “Had my eyebrows microbladed. Too much?

If you’re wondering why on earth anyone would subject their eyebrows to microblading if this is the final product, rest assured that she’s not quite done yet. After microblading, technicians will layer on the pigment heavily in order to ensure that each micro-cut has enough pigment. Then, after letting it sit for a while, the technician will remove the excess pigment, leaving their client with the perfect brows.

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This week in skincare

JLo Beauty is dropping on New Year's Day 2021

We announced the news back in August, when Jennifer Lopez first announced that the brand was on its way. According to reports we found, the brand is set to include every beauty venture you could think of, but we’ve been wondering which sector they would start with. Nearly three months on and we’ve finally gotten our answer—skincare.

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Lopez shared the news on her Instagram, captioning the video with “This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30-year dream. I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!! JLO BEAUTY DROPS 1/1/21. Get early access 12/8.”


This week in nails

Billie Eilish nails are cute and subliminal in her ‘Therefore I Am’ music video

Swipe to the fifth slide to see the nail look up close! The singer’s nails spell out ‘NOT UR FRIEND’ in calligraphy (we know, it’s a little difficult to read), which is part of the first line in the chorus of the song:

“I’m not your friend / Or anything, damn / You think that you’re the man / I think, therefore I am”

The lyrics are in direct defiance of her many critics—she’s confronting the barrage of people looking to control her; those who feel entitled to comment on her body and her choices despite the fact that it is 1) none of their business and 2) irrelevant to her. In the case we’ve wildly misread this, disregard the former and instead focus on how the typography against the marbled nail design is super pretty.


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