WATCH: Nadia Heng and Fatia take BURO on a karaoke-filled adventure with Philosophy

WATCH: Nadia Heng and Fatia take BURO on a karaoke-filled adventure with Philosophy

A ride to remember


By Redzhanna Jazmin

All aboard! Nadia Heng and Fatia took us on a journey of skincare discovery, laughter, and karaoke as they hit the road in the ultimate party bus: The Philosophy Skincare Minibus. 

PSA: We’re back with another instalment of A Day Out With Philosophy! Once again, BURO was joined by two fabulous KOLs—Nadia Heng and Fatia—to explore Philosophy’s hero skincare collection and have a little fun on the Philosophy Skincare Minibus. Needless to say, it was a fun-packed afternoon filled with great tunes and need-to-know beauty insiders. 

Watch Nadia and Fatia’s day out in the Philosophy Skincare Minibus below:


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To find out more about the campaign and learn about the Purity series, read ahead:

5 Things you’ll love about Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Series

buro philosophy skincare minibus

As mentioned by our skincare stars of the day, at the heart of this powerful lineup are three must-have products: the One-Step Facial Cleanser, the Pore Minimising Serum, and the Ultra-Light Moisturiser. Together, these three products make up the foundation for a skincare routine that will leave you with a complexion so fresh, you won’t need makeup or filters. 

Made to deliver youthful, glowing skin, the Purity Made Simple Series has been designed to reset your skin to its purest form (read: beautiful, bouncy, and radiant). Ahead, find out five of our favourite things about the line that you’re guaranteed to love too!


1. Gentle formulations, maximum efficacy

If you hate stripping and harsh cleansers, you’ll love the Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. Spoiler alert: This product isn’t known as America’s #1 cleanser for no reason. Created with meadowfoam seed oil extract, the One-Step Facial Cleanser tones and hydrates while giving your skin a gentle yet thorough cleanse. It’s in the name—one powerful formulation is all it takes to take off a day’s worth of makeup, sunscreen, and impurities! Plus, it’s perfect for dirty and grubby makeup tools too—Philosophy really wasn’t kidding about the one-step label!


2. A virtually flawless complexion in just one serum

If you’ve ever dreamed of crystal clear, refined skin, look no further than the Purity Made Simple Pore Minimising Serum. Soon-to-be your skin’s new BFF, this powerful serum has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pores by 26 per cent. How? It harnesses the clarifying powers of salicylic acid, the pore-tightening benefits of lentil seed extract, and the sebum-reducing effects of lilac cell extract and lemon myrtle extract to deliver a smoother, more refined complexion. Bid adieu to pesky breakouts and clogged pores!


3. Weightless formulations all around

In our hot and humid Malaysia, rich and heavy formulations simply don’t fly. Fortunately, the lightweight formulations in the Purity Made Simple line are perfect for the tropical climate. The Pore Minimising Serum’s watery, gel-like texture absorbs instantly into the skin while the Ultra-Light Moisturiser leaves nothing but an ultra-thin veil of hydration behind—it’s the perfect duo for our sunny weather!


4. Hydration to the max

Okay, so the formulations are light as air, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not heavy-duty! The Ultra-Light Moisturiser, in particular, offers the coveted lightweight texture with 24 hours of hydration, thanks to a blend of vitamin E and C, Philosophy’s patented green tea antioxidant complex, and a sustainably-sourced blend of nourishing meadowfoam seed oil and cold-pressed chia seed oil.


5. Responsibly manufactured from start to finish

The Philosophy brand prides itself on its achievements in responsible manufacturing. According to the brand, the Sanford Philosophy manufacturing site currently uses 100 per cent renewable electricity in production. In addition, the brand is aiming to offset 100 per cent of its carbon emissions by the end of 2023.

Further, the brand is currently expanding its eco-responsible initiative to its packaging. According to the Philosophy website, the brand has saved up to 45 tonnes of virgin paper and 80 tonnes of virgin plastic as they transition to FSC-certified, responsibly sourced, recycled paperboard for their folding cartons and a minimum 30 per cent PCR plastic and 20 per cent PCR glass in the majority of their packaging.

Of course, there are plenty more incredible formulations to discover in the Purity Made Simple line, from the light-as-air Purity Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser to the deep-cleaning Pore-Extractor Clay Mask. Interested? We’ve got your back. Shop the full Purity Made Simple line below:

Don’t miss out: The Philosophy Skincare Minibus is coming to a mall near you!

Want a more immersive look at the products? You’re in luck—the Philosophy Skincare Minibus will be touring the Klang Valley from 7 February to 5 March, so you can experience the collection in person. 

With live product demonstrations, fun giveaways and exclusive deals on the roster, it’s not an event you’ll want to miss! For more information on the event and the tour schedule, keep an eye on Philosophy Malaysia’s Instagram!


Creative Direction: Redzhanna Jazmin

Art Direction: Amos Yip

Videographer: Studio KRYWN

MUA: Ling Chong

Hair: Mei Choi

Talents: Nadia Heng, Fatia

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