Are you game for the ‘Man Fringe’?

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Are you game for the ‘Man Fringe’?
A fixture at the recent Autumn/Winter shows, this is definitely one trend you should try at least once. Here’s a little help from the styling department to help you ace the look

It's refreshing to see designers take an unfussy approach to hair this season, choosing to keep plenty of length at the top while styling the hair forward, framing the face for a high-impact, low-maintenance look. Here's what you need to know:

Are you game for the ‘Man Fringe’? (фото 1)

The one thing to keep in mind is that the end result of a fringe is never quite the same for two people and you'll have two things to consider: the length (long or short) and the volume (full or flat against the forehead).

Are you game for the ‘Man Fringe’? (фото 2)

Tip: If you have good length on the top, you can either wear it straight up with a full fringe in a runway-to-real way fashion, or try a loose side parting, with the hair styled away from your face. This is a good introduction to the look, especially if it's your first attempt at the trend. 

Are you game for the ‘Man Fringe’? (фото 3)

Fail-proof combination: A fringe that's paired with a short-back and side undercuts.

Styling tip: Blow dry fringe before working in some texturising mousse. This will help you create volume, movement and a natural bounce with a nice, textured finish.  

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