Wei Yeen Weighs In: How to use the Dyson Airwrap Styler to create three #PowerWoman hairdos

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Wei Yeen Weighs In: How to use the Dyson Airwrap Styler to create three #PowerWoman hairdos

For any #PowerWoman out there who can barely find the time to style your hair into a presentable heap ‘do before leaving the house—or kickstarting your day, fret not! Here’s a piece of advice that may be useful in your future hairstyling endeavours: invest in a hairstyling tool that can give you maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Personally, I feel you. How is it possible to wash, blow-dry, and style your locks without carving out a chunk of time (that I could better allocate for clocking in extra zzz’s in the morning)? To my fellow females out there who have neither the dedication nor drive to do so, the aforementioned styler is pretty much your saviour at times like these.

I took the Dyson Airwrap Styler – Complete for a spin (on my locks) to find out if it’s worth the hype and whether it can shave time off a busy woman’s (aka me) schedule. While I’ve seen and heard of the Airwrap Styler’s rave reviews, I was curious to know if it can truly give a beginner hair-enthusiast a head full of effortless waves or a sleek, straight lob.

Some background info:

I’ve used the Dyson Supersonic (and love it, tbh), but it was my first time trying out the Dyson Airwrap Styler to create a variety of looks. Not to mention, my styling repertoire only covers curling my hair with a hair straightener—far be it from me to say that I’m a whiz when it comes to creating cute looks for mid-length hair, but I gotta say that the Airwrap Styler is perfect for any beginner who’s keen on fuss-free hairdos.

First thoughts:

The device now comes in a new limited-edition colourwayRed/Nickel, a stunner that would fit in beautifully on your vanity. The features and specs are the same, and you can now find eight attachments coupled with a non-slip heat-resistant mat within the storage case as well.

  • 30mm Airwrap barrels x2
  • 40mm Airwrap barrels x2
  • Firm smoothing brush
  • Soft smoothing brush
  • Round volumising brush
  • Pre-styling dryer

The Airwrap Styler is relatively simple to use for beginners. Before shooting the video above, I only had three days to get used to the feel of it (eek!), but it felt pretty easy from the get go.

The device is amazingly light, so half-drying and styling my hair didn’t feel too tiring on my arm and wrist. Plus, this is easily a must-have for frequent fliers as all you need is one Airwrap Styler with the rest of the (super light) attachments in your carry-on bag.


Like most technique-based routines, all you need to do is consistently practice (just use it on a daily basis!) and watch YouTube tutorials to better understand how to create the specific curls/hairdos according to your preference.

One thing I noticed was a lack of models with shorter tresses in the Airwrap Styler tutorials on Dyson’s YouTube channel, but worry not—the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is great alternative for those with shoulder-grazing tresses (check out Editor Rachel Au‘s in-depth guide here).

Worth mentioning is the 30mm and 40mm Airwrap barrels—the dynamic duo that can curl your hair while drying it quickly at the same time. The barrels have little arrows to indicate the direction that the hair should curl in, and both gave my hair bouncy coils that look very much like what I can get from a hair curler.

Styling wise, my hair looked and felt healthy even after styling it consecutively over two hours (for the purposes of this video), with no frizzy strands and flyaways in sight.

A minor gripe I have is that you’d probably need a lot more styling product for better hold for curls and voluminous waves, as those may not be as pronounced as what you typically get from a traditional heat-styling tool. But I love the volume it gives my mid-length hair, especially now that I can score a salon-worthy blowout from the comfort of my home.

Why not try this out for yourself? We’ll be giving a lucky winner ONE Dyson Airwrap Styler (Red/Nickel) today and all you need to do is fill up the form and answer the question below!

The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the following winner:

  • Joyce Ung


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Videography: Point 8ight

Styling and creative direction: Loh Wei Yeen

Editor: Rachel Au

Location: Nest Co-working Space, The Curve


The Dyson Airwrap Styler – Complete (Red/Nickel) retails for RM2,199 and is available at all Dyson Demo outlets and online at

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