3 Easy ways to achieve summer-ready heatless curls


By Marissa Chin

3 Easy ways to achieve summer-ready heatless curls

There are many reasons why we’re fans of heatless curls. To name just a few: 1) it’s perfect for those who are always rushing in the morning to get ready—you know who you are, 2) it’s a great alternative (well, more like the only alternative) if you don’t want to further damage your dried ends with heat-styling, and 3) it’s absolutely fuss-free—no difficult techniques necessary.

Ahead, we tried and tested three methods to achieve snatched summer waves. While these steps work best overnight, it will work just as well if you’re lounging around the house with a few hours to spare—just sit back and let the twists do its trick.

The first is a simple method for those who have short to shoulder-length hair as you can easily tuck them away around your headband. It’s even cute enough to go out in!

For those with medium-length hair, opt for the four-bun style (Method #2)—don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it looks. All you need are really strong sectioning hair clips.

But if you have hair that’s long enough to rival Rapunzel, try out the viral robe belt hair trend that’s all over Tik Tok. If a robe belt isn’t in your possession, use something similar such as pantyhose, an oversized T-shirt, knee high socks or leggings.

Tip: For maximum staying power (unfortunately, heat does this job pretty dang well), spritz on a good amount of hair spray to keep the waves in their shape all day long. After unravelling your hair, remember to comb through your locks to get loose waves if you don’t want them too tight.

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Videography: Zakwan Taufiq

Art direction: Loh Wei Yeen, Marissa Chin

Models: Calleigh Yap, Loh Wei Yeen, Marissa Chin

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