BURO Spotlights: The first Davines Vibes Hair Festival in Malaysia



By Redzhanna Jazmin

BURO Spotlights: The first Davines Vibes Hair Festival in Malaysia

Here’s a look back at the first professional hair show by Davines Malaysia and EIG on our shores.

ICYMI: At the end of last month, Davines Malaysia hosted a festival to remember, featuring talents from Malaysia and Thailand as well as a celebrated guest list of salon partners, KOLs, session stylists and media friends from around the region. 

The night kicked off with a few words from the brand’s key reps: Roderick Chieng, the CEO at EIG; Summer Cheng, the Regional Trade Marketing and Business Development Manager for Davines; Joanne Wong, the General Manager at EIG; and Jolleen Chee, the Marketing Manager at EIG. From the launch of the brand’s third Grow Beautiful Campaign to the introduction of its 2024 Advocate Programme, we were caught up on the latest developments from Davines.



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The Davines Grow Beautiful campaign was launched in 2022 and has been an April staple in conjunction with Earth Month ever since, inviting consumers to shop more ethically and sustainably. 

The first year of the campaign saw the professional hair care brand partner with the Rodale Institute—a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit dedicated to research and education around regenerative organic agriculture—to turn 17 hectares of its Parma, Italy headquarters into the European Regenerative Organic Centre (EROC). Last year, the brand joined forces with the world’s largest pasta producer, Barilla, to develop agricultural systems that promoted soil regeneration. 

This year’s Grow Beautiful campaign is marked by the launch of the new WE STAND/For Regeneration Hair and Body Wash Bar. Created to gently cleanse the hair and skin and boasting a 99.7 per cent biodegradable formula and 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging, the cleansing bar features the first Davines Activist Ingredient—white yarrow extract. Created as a symbol of Davines’ commitment to soil regeneration, the ingredient is harvested from the EROC land and every purchase supports the cause.

SHOP: Davines WE STAND/For Regeneration Hair and Body Wash Bar, RM80

The main event came with a bang—or, more fittingly, bangs. Indeed, the highlight of the event was an electrifying hair show featuring the works of Davines’ Creative Collective Asia Artistes. The hair show was split into three parts, each with an independent concept. 

The first part, called Embrace Authenticity, was curated and carried out by hair artist Winson Kow from Winson Kow Hairtistic Salon Malaysia. Inspired by the fluidity of water and the bold lines of architectural art, his creations were as fantastical and sculptural as they come. Models strutted down the runway with attitude, showcasing the incredible hairpieces Kow had shaped. Then, in one fell swoop, they cast off the hairpieces to reveal sleek, intricate styles reminiscent of ocean waves. One model was even given a live, on-stage transformation, revealed through a flamboyant outfit change—a transformation that left the audience stunned.

The second was a showcase by Tate Wiput from Roof Hair Salon Thailand. Aptly named Water Creatures, his showcase drew inspiration from the depths of our seas—a dystopian, hypothetical future where humanity is forced to return to the water upon the world’s climate-related collapse. Featuring sleek, wet-look creations exploring both commercial and avant-garde potential, Wiput demonstrated his techniques with live haircuts on stage.

To finish off the show, both stylists went head-to-head in a style-off—but with a twist. Instead of working on their own models, they exchanged models as part of an innovative collaboration. Kow opted to keep things simple for his model, working to sculpt her hair with hairspray to accentuate her wet look. Wiput, on the other hand, opted to add some structure and bluntness to his model’s hair, trimming her bangs into a micro fringe and adding texture with a subtle hime cut. The hair show was a remarkable display of how the brand’s offerings can be used in both a commercial and editorial setting—scroll through the gallery below to get inspired:

That’s not all, however. Guests walked away with goodie bags from each of Davines’ four sustainable partners for the evening, including Oatbedient, Wild Kombucha, Love Earth, and Kind Kones—a further testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability. 


Find out more about Davines’ Grow Beautiful campaign here. For more beauty news, click here.

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